The SGGK Thread


What is SGGK?

From Akira (Japanese/Australian player) - [link to original thread on OzHadou]

From Jack (Australian player) in the same thread:

From el_diablo (French player) - [link to original thread on SRK]

Video Links:

  • from el_diablo

SGGK Kara Demon - [media=youtube]JNWaEtBpnxg[/media]

  • from Hong (Australian player)

Makoto - [media=youtube]QgCy1aXyivE[/media]

Remy - [media=youtube]52EwIBrWzHY[/media]

Yang - [media=youtube]d1lKLXnKqv4[/media]

Alex - [media=youtube]1FOfmMGnysc[/media]

Sean - [media=youtube]CoW8xlkqE3M[/media]

Necro - [media=youtube]Fya2BZGMkLo[/media]

Ryu - [media=youtube]smIbvNDZw5Y[/media]

Akuma - [media=youtube]ZAu9gW_gp9c[/media]

Dudley - [media=youtube]jrj34n4vo4w[/media]

Yun - [media=youtube]-Gro2CX0ztw[/media]

Hopefully, the explanations are clear enough, although the videos themselves do a pretty good job of visually demonstrating the two possible scenarios.

Feel free to discuss anything or ask any questions regarding SGGK in this thread. BillyKane, your input would be much appreciated - I attempted to find your original blog post, but was unable to, hence the reason why you are not quoted in this thread.

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First reply?

I totally don’t understand how this is applied to the twins. I understand chuns as it seems rather simple [parry before rh kara-throwing, then whatever happens you = win], but after watching the twins… I realize I don’t understand how it applies to them. Someone mind breaking it down for them?

Some thoughts of mine, if it’ll help any:

  • For yang, it’s broken down into the low parry, 1 hit close fierce xx SA1. In the 2nd part of the vid, it’s simply a throw. Basically my question is: Are you supposed to simply down parry, then ‘kara’ [fierce isn’t the kara for the twins, but there may be another reason] with fierce -> jab + short. Was fierce picked because if you ‘kara’ the fierce into the throw, it’ll not come out unless the parry happens [it being sort of slow]? Or would any normal work? Or am I way off? T____________T

Edit: Watching it again, I’m guessing close fierce is used to confirm?

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yes, any normal will work, i believe its just a matter of choosing which normal provides the best follow up if the parry attempt is successful


Oh, kay. What does SGGK stand for, btw? Can’t access the link with the original thread.


No, the explanations are easy to read. Good shit. Thanks for sharing. :lovin:


Nice! I’ll be biting this one for sure… although i probably won’t be able to implement it. hah


noone that i’ve asked knows!


SGGK stands for Super Great Goal Keeper and comes from Soccer supposedly, though why they use it for 3S I don’t know. I guess because you’re not letting anything in!

Originally I saw this technique a few months ago in sept, it is in the Battle Opera Spirits magazine vol. 3. I have tried it a couple of times here in ATL and I have gotten it fairly well. As far as escaping SGGK, the magazine says simply jump. Well, it is a pretty scary technique and lots people know about it now, so I will probably be a main part of 3S soon.

By the way De4dEyE, as far as twins go, the mag suggests standing MP for SGGK after divekicks since their throw range is so short.


Lol, that SGGK has nothing to do with Wakabayashi Genzo from Captain Tsubasa (though it was the first thing I thought)

Slide Grab Gyakunitaku Kick
(the name originated from chun’s one)

Anyways, there are ton of possibilities for sggk’ing with most characters.
The best ones are done with moves that are hitconfirms themselves (otherwise, you just buffer the followup no matter what, since if you don’t get the parry you just do a throw attempt), or that are real kara-throws (or both, like chun’s). Every SGGK attempt is a technically a kara-throw, it’s just that most of them don’t increase throw range. There has to be no gap between the parry input and the karathrow input: if you wait even a little, the parry freeze won’t interfere with the input anymore, and you just get a kara throw.

I’m just listing a few that I tried, there are many more I guess

[option parry], sMK~LP+LK
into Flash Chop/Ex Flash Chop/SAII depending on meter

[option parry], s.close HK~LP+LK
sjsc into SAII
Quite deadly since it’s an easy hitconfirm in itself , plus that’s her “close” kara-throw, so she doesn’t need to get into normal throw range to try the SGGK as most characters have to. Nuki and MOV use this a LOT.

[option parry]. sHK~LP+LK
buffer into MP uppercut into super if you are going for stun, or into EX mgb or duck-super if you are looking for something else.

[option parry] s.close MK~LP+LK

  • into super
    w/o meter, into LK tatsu after high parry/low parry vs characters which don’t crouch that
    otherwise, into MK tatsu (and MP sho followup)
    [option parry] sHP~LP+LK
    same as the former, more damage but buffering into SAI needs to be faster.
    Go for the SGGK demon if you feel like it

[option parry], sMK~LP+LK
Buffer into Raida, kicks or SAIII if you’re using that.
Aruka does that all the time.
Can also try to SGGK with close HK, but it has a slower startup and may get stuffed by multi-hit attacks

[option parry], sMP~LP+LK, HP
this way you get the chain and can easily go on with LP sho or SAIII.

[option parry] sHP~LP+LK
buffer into LP sho on characters which can get hit by sHP, LP sho, kara sho midscreen (or almost anyone in the corner)
buffer into MP sho xx SAIII if you have meter
this 2nd sggk is a bit more situational but leads to more damage.

[option parry] sMP~LP+LK
into SAI, or sLK > Hayate if you don’t have meter
[option parry] sHP~LP+LK
buffer into Hayate, SAI, or SAII vs Characters that get hit by sHP while doing low moves (i.e. NOT vs Chun’s cMP), or everytime when the parry attempt is a high one.

[option parry] back+MK~LP+LK
buffer into strong hook or SAI/SAIII
[option parry] sMP~LP+LK
buffer into super. Use this when you don’t want to get a back throw, and after a high parrry / low parry vs characters who don’t crouch under sMP.

[option parry] close sMP~LP+LK
This is one of the best SGGK in the game imho, in the sense of how much it can boost a character.
The 2 hitter into EX Tengu STone is a no brainer, but that’s not the point (of course, go for it if you have meter)
the real deal is safe Chicken combo attempts - buffer into qcf+MK right away, if they where blocking/parrying you just throw. A good sggk-er Oro player will be able to build meter with less risks. This is very good for SAII users too, of course.

[option parry] s.close MK~LP+LK
buffer into super or slaps.
Why did you let them into Q’s NORMAL throw range anyways???

[option parry] s.close MK~LP+LK

[option parry] sHP~LP+LK
into SA1/SA2
into Tatsu for damage (only if it’s not whiffing)
into EX Joudan for BIG damage
into SRK for SA3 setups.
May use [option parry] sMK~LP+LK instead after low parries vs characters on which sHP might whiff/not hit properly.

[option parry] sHK~LP+LK
into SAIII
into Sho xx SAI/SAII
into Sho

[option parry] sMK~LP+LK
sjsc into SAI/SAII

[option parry] sMP~LP+LK
into sLK, EX slashes.
If you have ZERO meter (or want to save it for some reason) go for
[option parry] sMK~LP+LK
into whatever

[option parry] sMP~LP+LK
into sLK, LP lunge
with meter:
[option parry] sMK~LP+LK
sjsc into Geneijin omfg they are dead

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I call bullshit. I am sure that you cannot superjump cancel into specials from normals such as Chun’s HK and Yun’s MK… though I would be loved to be proved wrong :lovin:


lol, I must have dreamt about that, it doesn’t work indeed (tested with autofire)
I’m editing :stuck_out_tongue:


Worked in 2nd impact, doesn’t work anymore.

as for the SGGK, I like to do move that has a lot of time to be confirmed into super.


Damn, seems like Urien doesn’t have one that’s common for everyone, or have high payoffs like the rest of the cast…


Where did you find that abbreviation? It makes sense, but all I could find was Super Great Goal Keeper and the captain tsubasa thing. Also, a lot of other made up abbreviations by the Japanese. They seem not to know what it means either.

Anyway, what’s the verdict on SJC chun’s HK, Yun’s MK? I heard that Kuroda SJC’s Q’s grab, so technically like you said they should be???


You can superjump cancel into a special move from a neutral state, but not when cancelled from a normal move (this is mine and Jinrai’s conclusion anyway)


Hmm, so for Necro, you have to kara throw with b+MP and not just hit b+MP & lp+lk simultaneously, right?

I’m gonna try and work this into my gameplay. :slight_smile:


The abbreviation was on BillyKane’s blog when he first posted about it, a few months ago. I think he had reliable sources


Sad but true. His only cancellable standing moves lead to nothing (unless you play SAI, but I don’t see why), and even if you can consistently do a kara throw from a crouching move, the cHP startup is a bit too slow to be reliable in the situations where the sggk usually shines (that is, against low shorts/jabs).


I’m 100% sure that the sggk was found observing failed kara-throw attemps right after a parry.


yeah, it was removed from 3s as i said; the only way to do it is switching it on in the system direction menu.