The Shinobi Secrets: Ibuki Video Thread



I was actually quite excited to see that my favorite 3rd strike character was coming to SSF4. So let’s see those awesome videos.

Nerd Josh:

Ibuki VS Guy
Ibuki VS Sagat


Mike Ross vs Buktooth money match from NCR.
Part I - [media=youtube]nPPp5vy2YFQ[/media]
Part II - [media=youtube]EW-fw651q4I[/media]
Buktooth vs Keno from NCR


vs hawk
vs. abel
vs. gief


Momochi (Ibuki) vs Abel
Momochi vs Blanka
Momochi Marithon

Momochi vs Dagio GodsGarden

Ibuki vs Abel:
Ibuki vs Sim
Ibuki vs Akuma
Ibuki vs Guile
Ibuki vs Sagat



vs Boxer

Your advice for me against Fie Long (video)

These are not the original uploads, someone ripped them (thus lower quality) from youtube user shoryukenvideos:
See the higher quality HD originals here:

J.Wong walkthrough:

Ibuki v Guy from IGN

Ibuki v Hakan from Gamesp

Ibuki v C Viper downloadable 720p from Ruliweb (WMV)

Off-screen, compressed heavily:
Ibuki v Cody

Ibuki v Adon

Ibuki v Hakan


Poongko playing against ibuki


Ibuki vs DJ

Match 1 [media=youtube]is5eJuEcO-E[/media]

Match 2 [media=youtube]VVL8lMLXt64[/media]


Ibuki vs Juri: [media=youtube]1okgUYaoUxg[/media]


Justin Wong as Ibuki @ PAX East: [media=youtube]ZNCtX1Fw_Yg[/media]


A good ibuki player,round 3 is epic.


Ibuki’s combo demo:

She’s before Rufus.


Ibuki Ustream footage vs C.Viper


Ibuki vs Zangief ( shit quality )



3 “Makoto vs Ibuki” matches:





1up game night with Seth/pros talking about Ibuki :

Ibuki talk:

Ibuki vs. Makoto:


“Korean Ibuki” match:



salba (Cody) vs ryu988 (Ibuki):

[media=youtube]uji8OdoiFvU[/media] (Start @ 1:00 mark)


Fasoll as Ibuki

vs. Dudley: [media=youtube]QvUmPUW1uzw[/media]


vs Cody: [media=youtube]22YCWuMKvtI[/media]

vs Makoto: [media=youtube]aw9lo6hJ9ag[/media]

vs Hakan: [media=youtube]e4mBPyOv9KQ[/media]


Mullah (Makoto) vs Kazu (Ibuki) (1st two matches)



Deejay vs Ibuki



Fredrik (Juri) vs DonkeyKnifer (Ibuki): [media=youtube]8fMGRWuJWec[/media]


Fasoll (ibuki) vs Juanmanova (ryu) : [media=youtube]qce58uA1Diw[/media]


“Juri vs Ibuki” from Manchester: [media=youtube]bCMlBL2gNZ4[/media]