The Shit Luck thread

So i was chilling in my basement today, just minding my own business getting bodied in marvel, when out of nowhere a mean wasp came and stung me on my foot through my sock. I wasnt even moving my fucking foot! He just went in…

So folks, please tell me im not the only one who has not been blessed with great luck, thread is for anyone who has a shitty chance occurence.

[opens thread]

[appreciates not-quite-irony]

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You know how rare Shiny Pokemon are? How bad does it suck to only get a chance to catch a shiny Pidgey and Rattata?!


I opened GD and saw this thread was made.

Can you believe my shit luck?

Sorry about yo damn luck!

I found a Chansey in Red Version Safari zone after 3 hours and it ran away as soon as the battle started.

I got a shiny Golduck in Black 2.

Also found a shiny Voltorb but the piece of shit used Selfdestruct…


A huge arcade just went out of business &ons of arcades. Too bad both my houses are full of arcades & cant spare any more room. Just my bad luck.

You’re too poor. Make your kids sleep in the shed and use their rooms for extra cab space

Could have been worse…
accidentally killed in a drone strike, have a cow fall through your basement roof, followed home at night by a mysterious man with a gun.

No such thing as luck, you just got stinky ass feet

Was up about $350 in sidebets during evo ae top8 and ended up being down $50.

I can relate to the mean wasp incident. I grew up on 70 acres and had to mow the lawn every other day. I’d just be riding along when BAM! I’d hit a ground hornet or yellow jacket nest and get stung the fuck up, like 20 times. This shit happened multiple times every summer. I’m just minding my own business, doing my chores, and then FUCK FUCK FUCK and I’d end up jumping in the pond again. God damned bees.

You weren’t moving? Not even blocking?? Hell, son, that’s the best time!!!

all day!!

i was in a wreck one time and the ladie’s husband who i ran into came to the site wearing a shirt that said “today is not your day” as if to rub it in my face.
i shit you not

-I went to ocean city and the only good looking girl I ran into I saw her tucking out of the bathroom.

-In fallout new vegas you are instructed to go find a character so that you can learn how to defend yourself in the mojave wastes, She is SUPPOSED to be located in the back of the bar but when I went out the door, my map went to the heart of the map dead in the center. Now this being my firt playthrough and me getting the game before street date, I had to figure that shit out so I went to go locate her, at level 1. I had to fight of Giant radscorpions which gave me 50exp per kill, so I knew something was out of place because that is a beefy exp gain. once I had made it to her I ran into a deathclaw alpha male I thought it was scripted or something but when he locked onto me I realized it wasn’t so I had to hop the fence from the set of rocks I was on. and after doing that I had to walk the npc all the way home, and then go through all of her tutorials.

Worst way to get into a game ever. I thought that the game was this difficult inherently and I almost wanted to run back to fallout three. I was so appy that new vegas was a gift to my brother, and not myself.

I have notoriously bad luck. That is why I believe in God these days, otherwise it doesn’t make sense. I am pretty sure God trolls me.

So at age 7 my youngest sister is diagnosed with something called Friedreich’s Ataxia. I won’t bore you with all the details, but by age 16 she’s lost the use of her legs and most of her ability to use her hands and arms. Wheelchair bound.

Meanwhile, my mom and my step-dad (sister’s father) divorce, leaving my family in poverty.

My mom dedicates the rest of her life to caring for my sister.

A year and a half ago, my sister gets raped by one of her care attendants provided by the state. City’s district attorney refuses to press charges due to lack of evidence.

My sister gets pregnant from the rape. Decides to keep the kid. So now my mom is taking care of my sister and her newborn.

A year ago the rapist and his parents (mostly the parents I assure you) decide to legally go after my sister for custody of the baby, arguing that a handicapped girl can’t care for a child.

Around that time, my mom is diagnosed with lung cancer, with no good prognosis.

At that time I, living several hours away, leave my job and my fiancee to go back to my mom’s house and care for her, and my sister, and my sister’s baby.

For the next six months my life became a constant cycle of ferrying people to doctors appointments, and lawyer appointments, and court dates, and the welfare/social services offices.

And changing shitty baby diapers.

My mom’s health declines steadily.

(An aside here. Lung cancer is a fucking horrific way to die. Horrific. Excruciating. So I really don’t care what you do, but you should probably quit smoking. And if you do get terminal lung cancer, consider suicide before it gets too bad.)

From mid November to the end of December 2012 I do not sleep for more than half an hour at a time, due to needing to keep up with mom’s Morphine injections. And her Haldol injections. And her Ativan injections.

And her enemas, because she can’t shit on her own anymore.

Meanwhile, my fiancee decides she doesn’t love me anymore, but can’t be bothered to tell me because she knows she’s going to need me to watch her dogs in a few months. Deciding not to tell me doesn’t stop her from being a total bitch for the next several months. (Don’t worry, she told me after the dog sitting was over.)

Because I think I still have a life with my fiancee, I decline my mom’s offer to leave me her house. Sell it I say, and give the money to my sister to help her out.

End of December last year my mom dies. Age 56.

My sister, distraught, starts shunning all real offers of help from the family. Refuses to move to where any relative can take better care of her and her kid. Guess she can’t give up what few friends she has, already having lost so much.

I go back to my fiancee, because I think she loves me. Even though I can’t figure out why she’s being such an ass. I do ask her. She says its just me, that she’s acting normally and that I must still be fucked up over what happened to my mom. I believe her because I want to.

About two months ago my sister finally loses custody of her kid. Kid now lives with the rapist’s parents.

Two weeks later my sister is found in her kitchen, unconscious and covered with 3rd degree burns.

Rushed to the hospital. Put on life support. Transferred to a better hospital when the first one realizes they’re out of their league.

Never regains consciousness.

About a month ago my sister is taken off of life support. And hangs on for a day.

And then she dies. Age 24.

So I’m in a mountain of debt (college loans, car payment, credit card debt from time spent caring for mom). Working an $11 an hour job I hate. Still living with my ex (and isn’t that pleasant).

Half my family dead.

So yeah, fuck MY life.

This is all I can think about right now.

My 360 has a hard drive failure and all of my data is on it. Because of so, I can’t play online in Tekken and instead only Left 4 Dead 2. Plus my Arkham City Catwoman DLC is on there.

I’m also paranoid about the convention I’m attending and future events because of how this year started and derailed.