The Shit Luck thread

Still have no job.

Went into a texas holdem game had pocket KK and the flop comes out K88. Bet, get raised, re-raise, re-raised, all in, all in…motherfucker had pocket 8s…

I entered a 10K pot a few days before EVO. Put my money on PR Rog to win it all. He gets a 2-1 lead on Infiltration and decides to bring out that red brolic ass nigga that sounds like Niko and fucks up my chance from winning it.

was going to get money from the va, then I found out its going to take 15 months wtf. Shit sucks only getting paid from the army 800 a month, thats not enough to do anything

Thank you, good sir.


Any day I wake up and Eva Andressa isn’t lying next to me is a day of shit luck…

…which turns out to be everyday TT_TT


Were you betting at the mosh pit? I was sitting in the front row near OMGItsAndre the entire day so if you were, I probably saw you.

At the club where i work as a chef some dude ordered a grilled cheese and due to a grill malfunction i now have a 2nd degree burn on my finger. What kind of grown ass man asks for a grilled cheese anyway?


Hang in there and don’t give up man. Stick to the job while looking for something better. Good luck man. I don’t know anyone on here but when I see someone’s in need of help I’ll try and make sure they stay strong and don’t give up.

My advice to you is to always have the mindset “if my life sucks now, there is someone out there struggling even more”. You have a place to sleep, and the opportunity of going to school. For others, they may not have a chance to eat. Again, don’t give up man! GOOD LUCK!!

P.S thanks for sharing. sometimes letting it out makes you feel better inside.

PLEASE tell me the grill did a yoga flame. That is the only way I can accept what happened.


I know the burn sucks, but don’t take it out on the sandwich.

Shit luck = this dude:

You can tell that he is a yes man 99 percent of the time. She’s not used to being told no by him thats why she flipped out. He created his own shitty luck.

Not quite, if it makes you feel any better in the same day a burner went all Sim on a spatula and lit it on fire. Now the plastic handle is all melted…second fire that spatula has been involved with lol

Got a job, pays well, but again the recruiters lie about it. Thought it was going to be temp to perm with 3 months. Started yesterday and found out that it was 2 months and they might, might, just might have full time positions available.

Recruiters are cock suckers.