The shizz head thread

LOL sup you crazy fools its the shizz back in full force to start up a new thread that does not care about negativity or trolls or fail opinions…we need to strictly discuss and strat how we are all going to push each other in the right direction and prepare for Evo in Vegas, and by pushing each other I mean like Hakan throws your shizz out of his azz into the wall!! Cant wait to main this oily bastard!

[media=youtube]BcRnYT9useo&feature=related this song inspired me to do this…something Blanka would listen too…[/media]

Like with that kind of impact we need to put all the small goals and ridiculous crying that goes on everywhere to rest…we got a couple months to get really strong to put the USA skills on these Japanese players coming to compete…sure we can all sit back and let Justin have all the fun…nah let’s step the community up and take a huge shizz @ evo together…then party and get shizz faced with friends and opponents alike…I believe we show them the most respect by going for the win against them as strong as possible…because beating them is the only release they get coming over here with the pressure they have of being expected to win every year…so lets relieve them of that stress and honor their visit by showing them we are stepping it up…talent has never been the issue in this country I believe…we have created monsters like Alex Valle/John Choi/Jwong/Marn/Sanford/Jason Cole/Yipes/Ricky O/Hsien/Eddie Lee etc etc

So enough with the excuses everyone…communicate more and teach your comp stop trying to count wins on the people you train with…make that change in your training and see your game raise ten fold…because the only consistent variable I see in all these top players I listed are that they don’t count wins they just play to challenge themselves and always look for the next stronger opponent to better themselves…I respect that…and I see this in every game I watch…if it is high level you can see through the silly animation or background and see the actual mind game that is happening before you and that everyone is the whole point of watching…understanding the real battle that is going on in their heads…these games are nothing more than tools…so lets have a pure outlook on our comp and community and grind this MUTHA out so we can begin writing our own legacy as a whole nation and not 1 or 2 players…Japan has…and our challenge is even greater since we are all so spread apart…so we have no time to waste…USA USA USA…I’ll throw in these borrowed words from Dogface I once heard…its time for Evo to be more American than a bald eagle flying out of an apple pie at a baseball game…ehehe classic

Please after reading this remember I am just stating my opinion and not talking shit to anyone…much respect to you all!!!

Im getting the shizz out of here…

-Eric V

Ummm…who you?
GD don’t play fighting games.

What the fuck did I just read?

In before they lock this shizz.

Im you son…another person part of this for a decade now…

an opinion…you ever have those?

puts headphones back on and hits start*

That post is like some old school Lovecraftian madness inducing horror beyond the scope of which the human mind can endure or interpret type shit.

If I’m you…I would’ve peaced out looong ago.
You corny, jabroni.

Are you the same Eric V. that choked on TWO consecutive FADC Ryu Ultras during top 8 SF4 at final round?

lol the thread is working…gathering the haters 1 at a time…

SRKev- I played top 8 last year @ FRX12 Rufus/Sagat…I played against Jwong with Ryu in top 32 and didn’t even get to FADC Ultra I dont think…he dove kick my ish down brah…

this year Damdai was the only one playing Ryu in top 8…

all true sf players support this thread


shizz and all variations of it is annoying as hell.

got played out hella quick.

thats kinda gross i think

AHAHAH sup fams man its good to hear some positivity

Thanks man I am def feeling that commentating jazz…and Im glad I was able to pull top 3 in MVC2 this year since it’s the only singles event I joined…keep up the movement guys

Shizz is the worst SRK meme ever. How the fuck is it even remotely funny? Even 4chan memes are better than this.

Please don’t call it an “SRK” meme…you insult the community here.

Ok… another shitty EC meme?

will there be seperate toilets and toilet paper when we all take a community shizz at evo?
and how will we control the smell?

My problem was that it just got annoying super fast. It was aight to begin with then it went overboard.

Focus more on the matches and less on shizz and getting yourself over. Crowd involvement is fine but don’t let it dominate over the match itself.


gotta agree with this guy. overall i really liked the stream quality, but there were a number of times where i wanted to reach through my computer screen and strangle you for the next shizz coment. like really, there is a match going on stfu about shizz and comment on the match.

on top of that i think it’s a bad way of portraying the community when you have the commentator ignoring the matches and giggling like a school girl about his substitute word for shit. yes it’s a swearword… but come on. also all those dumb shizz sayings, “may the shizz be with you” and crap, didn’t even make sense.