The Short Dude AKA Body Frame Comparison Thread. : P


The place for us subhuman pansies to congregate because we aren’t man enough to have been born tall.

Share your stories and pain about being a short guy. Perhaps we can analyze the stereotypes that effect our downtrodden people. : P

I suspect this will consist of only me, Manx and Starhammer.


I’m here. where my midgets at?



I’m 6’1", so I don’t qualify for this thread o_O


I feel like a lot of people are extra nice to short people, I’m not sure why.

Then get out and play sports, nerd.




Better version



Hey man, my dick ain’t small, my balls are just enormous.

On another note, for the lolz tell everyone your height and weight.

5’7" 120 lbs.


5’5" 147lbs.

I’m overweight, lol.


I’m thin.

But my legs are pretty thick from skateboarding.

I have a feeling a certain somone in here would really appreciate my calves if I were female.

If he liked what he saw in The Lounge with those feet he would get more of the same.


5’5" 240lbs.
Doctor told me straight up at like 16
"You stopped growing"
Way to hurt a big guys feelings :shake:

Trying to lose weight so I don’t have to swim in the fact that I’m short and faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
I just want to be short :rofl:


Damn son, I won’t even lie, that’s really bad.

On another note, I think my girl is 5’4"


Yeah, I know.
Working hard to lose this weight though.
Feels good to jog in the morning. It’s hard work, but it’s necessary.


That’s good dude, sometimes I feel bad that I’ll never have to work hard to stay in shape, but it certainly is reassuring.

By in shape I obviously don’t mean being muscular with my upper body, lol.


Not gonna lie . . . when I read this I felt a little better about myself.


Don’t blame ya.
I’d feel the same way :rofl:

Where the short people at!? Can’t be just us!


Oh God. you should be beaten over the head with 24 hours of crappy 90s musical lyrics carved into bricks for bringing that horrible shit back into the light of day again.



5’2" 138lbs (Yeah, I need to lose 5 or 6 lbs.)

I’ve never slept with a woman shorter than me. Heck, lost my virginity to a girl 6’1.

Here’s what I as a short man have learned about tall girls: they aren’t so tall on when they’re on their backs.


Meh. I’m 5’5" 178 lbs. My over is over your over. Gonna work it back down to 150 though. Treadmill is about to get it right.



Just checked my BMI. Just a step from being overweight.

Check here:


If you’re trying to summon Shaft Agent, all you gotta do is post something about a female celebrity, CNC machines, or pop culture that most people think is awesome.

Also, I like being short. 5’7.5 I need that .5. :tup:


What is with GD these days? Random threads popping up in an instant. Anyway the most epic little man of the Philippines:


Yeah he was a huge action star in the 80’s. He introduced me to bitchslappin hoes. Too bad he had a short life. RIP.

BTW I’m 5’11" 166 lbs.