The Shoto Blackbook: Ryu Team/Matchup thread



Post up teams Ryu works well in, and how said team matches up against others.




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Hmm, this thread is very quiet. I need a third for my team, where I have Ryu/Sentinel/whoever I feel like trying out at this point. I use Sentinels B. assist with my hadokens, and I want a third who can possibly be my point character at the beginning of matches to build meter for Ryu, or whose assist could be helpful in this regard. I’ve heard good thing’s about Ammy’s Bloom, but I have trouble getting the hang of her for the situations when she isn’t simply an assist.

One thing I can say is that other characters that any projectile assist characters can really work well with Ryu to complement his Hadoken game.


Well depending on what you want to do… Wesker can build up meter pretty quickly… Magneto can work pretty well without using supers as well, plus his assist can help with Ryu’s keepaway game… Or if you want another keep away character, you could try out Chris.

Anyway, I feel like Ryu can work pretty well in basically any team, as long as he has SOME meter to work with.


I’m having trouble picking team mates for ryu. Obviously Ryu needs somebody to build meter for him. the characters that I like to use to build meter are Chun, Felicia, She Hulk and Trish.

I also like magneto for the projectile assist but I tend to use meter when I play as magneto

The trouble is choosing a good character who can aid my point character as well as ryu. I kno that Chun Li really benefits from a good OTG assist but I don’t really like Wesker. I’m also considering x 23 but I’m a little nervous about dealing with keep away teams If I run Chun, Ryu, X 23

Also what is Ryu’s best assist? I feel like his hadouken isn’t good enough to really aid a rushdown character like Chun or Felicia. and what assists does ryu benfit from the most?


Well from what i read Ryu fall into problems when getting rush down, so advance guard then using Chun-li legs will probably work wonders for him. Chun-li will aid in building meter so u may have a problem putting her first, Ryu will do good with haggar, chun an chun will need someone to get in like magneto as u mention.
If Chun is starting to build meter an she happen to die Mag will still back up Ryu, all Ryu needs is one opening, wavedash :d::m: start combo or jump :h: cancel into :l: tatsu an combo from there, if u get advance guard call out chun or mag.

Also Chun will help Mag with super rush down, Ryu Tatsu assist is great for that team bec of the rush down type characters Mag & Chun.


That Sounds Good Do you think Ryu’s tatsu assist is worth not having assist that hits low/OTG?

also you what do you mean by this?


A good team with Ryu is: Ryu (hadoken, or shoryuken), Deadpool (Quick work or Katana-rama) and sentinel (the charge assist), he can get in with sentinel’s assist to back him up a little bit and i just use deadpools just to try and get a random hit, no skill or strategy with him there. But I mainly do Aerial team combo’s and if i get all the way to sentinel in one then I try to go cycle all the way back to ryu which could easily end in his Hyper combo (Shinku hadoken or however you spell it) to easily get a good chunk of life out of any opponent i play with


I mean she will be building up meter so when ryu comes in to play he will have meter to waste on what ever he want which is his strong point. Bad for Chun bec ryu may need her for pressure or advance guard chun assist…


Ryu’s real easy in this game.

With that out of the way, I was for awhile using Ryu, Chun, Taskmaster, just because Chun is really fun to use. But then I picked up Dante so I swapped Chun for him. I must say this is working well for me. I don’t typically use assists for Ryu, but the only times I do are Taskie’s vertical arrows for mix up. But with Ryu himself, jumping L tatsu is so good to start pressure with. It beats out almost everything your opponent can retaliate with, it’s invincible on block, and it creates so much hit stun, if I land that, it’s a free low L, L, M, H, H tatsu xx Shinku Hadoken. Like 400-500k off of pressure, guessing. Then after that, I rush in, do I jam session assist for any possible counter attacks and maintain Ryu’s pressure.

Whenever I lose with a team, I run it back with this team because this one never loses. Haha.


I’m thinking of running an Arthur/Ryu/Tron team - Arthur starts off with golden armor super, then throws the amazing torch so that Ryu can do naked tag in.

This team will be designed to pressure around mid to full range and obviously kill any unsafe assist tagging in with the mighty shin hadouken. On a hadou hit from less than mid range, Ryu usually has enough time to dash in and combo with st.L or cr.L especially with golden torch or dagger assist.

Arthur obviously is one of the most annoying and scariest zoner in the game, however rather than using him on point, I’d rather keep him safe until Ryu needs to get pulled back in.
I’ll change Arthur’s assist depending on whether or not we’re fighting zoning or rushing team : golden torch for rushing, golden daggers for zoning.
Depending on the zoning opponents, against Deadpool and MODOK, i’ll most likely use Arthur first since Ryu gets beaten down in zoning by these two.

Tron will be there to provide cover with flamethrower assist of her own anytime Ryu or Arthur gets rushed down.
Any opponent unlucky enough to get hit with Tron’s assist usually can get st.M or cr.M to BnB donkey kick to another BnB combo. An easy 500+ meterless damage.
Other than that, Tron also provides a very powerful point once Ryu or Arthur has finished off the keep-away character from the other team.

Against teleporters, I might use either Ryu or Tron first since doing air L.tatsu or Tron’s j.H when they teleport usually messes up their direction and can give me a free combo.

Ryu’s assist will depend on opponent type : against rushers, tatsu and against zoners, hadouken.


I’ve been running Deadpool/Ryu/Hulk for nearly all of my matches, been using him as my second so Deadpool can establish some meter gain. I find the team has really good synergy but its very heavy on burning meter.

I’ve been using this team offensively unless my opponent insists on trying to maintain their spacing in which case I gladly return fire with Deadpool or Ryu. My main question for anyone reading this is: Is Ryu even viable when trying to play offensive? This teams damage output and DHC potential syncs very well and I can easily keep pressure on with L Tatsu but when they maintain distance I get the feeling I am wasting time trying to Hadouken them back. I use Deadpool’s Katana-Rama for OTG setups with Ryu, Tatsu for Ryu for some added melee pressure as well as the fact I don’t really want a beam assist and Shoryuken is somewhat bad it seems to me due to no invincibility and Hulk’s AA Gamma Charge assist can serve the same exact purpose with super armor.

Overall I believe Ryu/Hulk go great together because even if Deadpool drops down, Hulk can OTG easily with Gamma Tsunami after a basic launcher series into MMHS Air Combo then DHC with Shinku Hadouken. Not so sure about Deadpool though.


I changed from storm/dante/sent to ryu/dante/sent because I suck with storm, and I feel like you can punish easier with ryu. I think I’m going to change it to dante/ryu/sent though, because against some people it’s harder to get in with ryu and it’s much easier versus almost everyone to get in with dante (with teleport + sent assist)

I do think it’s a little hard to get in with ryu against some compositions, mostly versus zoners with beam attacks. It’s tough to gain ground because his dashes suck. I think the best way generally is to sj and l.tatsu forward. In some cases you can probably use h.tatsu (it should get you farther ahead). Either way you want to get them into a corner, so you want to push block their beams if they are spamming


Right now my team is Zero/X-23/Ryu and I’m having some trouble deciding upon assists… I’m definitely sure that I want to use Ankle Slicer for X-23, however I’m not sure what I should be using for Zero and Ryu. I typically start off the match with Zero, land a combo and chain it to his shadow afterimage super, then immediately switch out to X-23 so I can use Zero as an assist with his clone. Zero’s Hadangeki projectile(with the clone) assist seems to really help X-23 get in on the opponent and makes Ryu’s keepaway game that much more annoying. But Zero’s ryuenjin assist is also nice because with the clone it essentially becomes a dragon punch with hyper armor.

With Ryu, I don’t really have any idea. His hadoken assist can really help Zero if I feel like playing keep away. His shoryuken can be nice for getting some pressure off of me. And his Tatsumaki Senpuukayku assist also seems like it can help Zero and X-23 get in on opponents, but it also seems like it can be a really risky move. :confused:

So yeah… Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I only use the Hadouken or Tatsu. Mostly Hadouken just for an easy projectile. The Shoryuken has zero invincibility as an assist and seems to be the worst choice. Tatsu is okay if you use it in conjuction with rushdown. Like using X-23 in the air then calling in Ryu to pressure on the ground.


One of my favorite teams to run right now is Hulk (Gamma Wave)/Ryu (Tatsu)/Storm (Whirlwind).

I believe this is the same team Mike Ross is using. Hulk and Ryu and Storm can all DHC into each others moves and the combined damage output between Hulk and Ryu is pretty crazy. Landing Hail into a DHC or just to add damage is really easy as well.


Been using Dante/ryu/taskmaster lately.

Found that Dante works well on point to open up the opponent as well as building good meter while not using a lot of it. Million dollars also dhc’s into shinku rather well too.

Usually by the time ryu comes in he has 3-4 meters and is a problem. And if all else fails I’ve found taskmaster to be a good anchor with x factor.


I don’t claim that this is a really good team, but I do find the combination of Chris(combo punch)/Ryu(shoryuken or tatsu)/Arthur(fire bottle) pretty fun.

If there is one thing this team actually is good at, they have good DHCs. And the other thing I noticed is that Ryu’s Tatsu hyper in Crossover Combinations is AMAZING if close up and highly damaging Crossover Combinations are your thing. My particular Crossover Combination which uses Chris’s Sweep Combo, Ryu’s Shinku Tatsu, and Arthur’s Goddess Bracelet gets around 80 or so hits, and does if I recall close to or around 700,000.

What I want to do in an actual match is land one of Chris’s air combos, OTG with cr Fierce, and land this team hyper combo. Does like 900,000 for something simple like that.


One of my teams is Dante (Jam Session), Ryu (Hadouken) and Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer). I just spam Dark Harmonizer with Morrigan to build meter, tag her in if Ryu or Dante need to be healed badly, but otherwise spend most of the match playing as either Dante or Ryu with plenty of Meter.