The shoto club!


Hello guys, are there any Shoto lovers around? Personally, I have been using Ryu only since SF4, just love the classiness of fireballs and uppercuts.

If you are dedicated to the Shen Long, please subscribe to this page and share your strategies to win.


Dude its simple, dragon punches beat jumps, fireballs beat walking. And the hurricane kick beats fireballs.

When you get advanced, throws beat blocking.

Utilize the bread and butter combo of jump hk into crouching hk (sweep)

And your mix ups involve how many times you jump back before you either fireball or instant jump hard kick

And if you want to get some style, Ken has the fire baby


Gtfo this forum, everyone hates shotos. Especially if you play Ryu/Ken and have 2k PP/4k BP and can’t even into fireball.

Okay I wasn’t serious about the gtfo part bro.


Come on now, even a 5 yrs old kick can into fireball. Ken is the only shoto that I play if you don’t include Sagat and Seth, I find that the other shotos are boring especially Ryu.


Quit over estimating people, that will be your down fall.