The Showdown Effect -- 2D Action -- Multiplayer Beta


The Showdown Effect is the next game from Arrowhead Game Studios, the creators of Magika. It’s a 2D Action Platformer game with a focus on Multiplayer. The visuals are based on 80’s action movies (with some 90s thrown in).

There are several different characters to choose from who each have their own ability (such as rocket jump or bleed effects). Each character can be fitted with a weapon loadout (weapons include Blades, Pistols, Rocket Launchers, Shields, etc.) as well as a visual loadout (head/body/legs). You can even throw away your weapons and fight with kung fu attacks!

The gameplay is meant to be skill intensive but intuitive (low skill floor; high skill ceiling). There are different types of jumps, doges, and abilities that allow you dance your character around incoming attacks.

There will be an unlock system for items which works exactly like the Black Ops one unlocks. So, you earn money from playing, and you can buy anything in any order.

Custom rules will be available for online play. This makes it possible to play Pistols only, with one-shot kills if that’s what you want to do. One rule that will never be custom: Friendly Fire is always on.


Beta Information:
There are two ways to get into the beta currently. One option is to pre-order the game . The second option is to sign-up and hope for an invite. BUT there is a way to increase your chances of getting an invite through the sign-up. If three people use your Referral URL to sign up for the beta, then you will make it into the beta. The main multiplayer game mode is a 4v4 team match, which is why they want people to sign up in groups of 4.

The cost of the game is $9.99

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The Website:


Hmm. Games like this always feel loosey goosey to me. Like they are kind of fun but they aren’t tight because of the 360 degree aiming. It just makes everything feel sloppy. That’s why games like Awesomenauts is fun. I think restrictions in 2D make sense.


I want a new Outfoxies.


Looks fun. Does it have a single player mode of some kind?


I know it doesn’t currently have single player mode. I am unsure if a single player mode is coming in the future.