The sick AXE into XNDL super confirm. How do you do it?

I’ve only played one person who’s been able to do it consistently. I’ve tried it on my Sega Saturn pad. I mean, I can get it to work in practice mode, but putting the computer on random guard and seeing if I can confirm it, its so sick. I can’t do it consistently at all. Can barely confirm it in practice mode and I’ve never done it in a match.

I’m talking about the low light kick to AXE to XNDL. Whats the motion you use and the exact time you press each button and motion? Is there a secret shortcut or buffer to this?

I do it FORWARD to DOWN+short to BACK+jab to DOWN to FORWARD to DOWN to FORWARD to drum all 3 punches. Very hard for me to confirm it in practice mode.

i think you just have to do it quick, must cancel of the 1st hit of that AXE
there are no trricks or shortcuts that i know of
i think you get more time leeway fo rthe cancel if you can combo it out of an IAD jab, cr. short, jab AXE XX SA1
initially that combo was easier for me than jsut straight up short, jab axe XX SA1
but then i got tha one down ok later
since playng online recently i have not been hitting this combo, i think i have gotten lazy
i think i should go back to training mode

It’s just a pain in the butt to do because you have to start from back and do quarter circles. It’s definitely doable, though. Just keep at it.

c.LK, qcb+LP, hcf+P. Works everytime for me.

you’re the second person ive heard say that
but I tried it for a mibnute and someelse said that whoever said that was full of shit
so it is real?
what the hell
that shit does not work

Ok, this helped somewhat. It helped because I always thought axe was half circle back not qcb.

Now, this made it easier, but I still gotta practice. The way I’ve done it is just do a quick qcb and buffer 2x qcf. If you see the light kick hit, you press punch. Still, I can’t confirm off it well at all yet.

But the way you said it on the other hand, doing it on my Sega Saturn pad (which is in bad condition) doesn’t work whatsoever. I don’t know how it is on stick.

is this a trick?

to make me waste my time

no that “trick” works, yes it’s only one qcf but hey if the game counts let it than.

A year later…and I still get it everytime on my stick. Long as I can confirm it. For whatever reason the game only needs to register 1 qcf to get the super out despite the AXE command being qcb.

LOL. It’s only like a month and a half later…but I’ve used that trick on my stick and get it all the time. Twelve sucks any ways so it really wouldn’t matter that much whether you can do it. Just pull out a bunch of tricks and pray.

DevilJin01, Do you understand how this works? Because I’m trying it and I can’t seem to get it to work…

I just cannot do it by your way deviljin
i seriously cannot beleive that this works unless i see it

this is seriously giving me flashbacks to when i was trying to get to Nimbus Tarafax on the genesis MK.
Could you ever get to fight him?

it works, ok, god I can even do it on a pad.

i guess i just suck

(/still in disbelief)

Admitting it is the first step. But yeah I always dont believe it either, but it’s just one of those things you can’t question cause you wont/cant get a rational answer.

LOL. I’m just giving you guys a hard time I guess. All I know is I do it and it works. Wish I knew more about the technicalities about Twelve to tell you specifically why it works or why I’m not really explaining what you should be doing to make it work. It works for me though. Sadly…this is probably the most interesting the Twelve forum has gotten in a while.

I’ll have you come over my house one day or you can come to Evo and watch me do it during casuals in person. Maybe I can youtube my hands even, lol.

Then again…I’m not really talking so much about confirming the command as I am just doing the command when I want it done. I’ll admit…the confirm itself is a bit tough and sometimes I’ll go for it and blow the super on accident even when the person is blocking. I’ll sometimes just bank on the opponent not low blocking or messing up a parry and go for it. All I’m saying is that with that motion that I listed…if you were to put me in training mode and ask me to do the combo successfully 10 times in a row…I would get it 10 times in a row. I’m just decent enough at confirming it where if I see the second hit connect in a situation where I know it’ll connect (like to counter another poke or punish a special/super) it’s going to come out and connect. I do mess it up but I’ve gotten it down to a point where it’s not necessarily a hassle to at least combo together. Confirming it takes a bit of work but I guess after playing enough CVS2 where people have to link together stuff that is probably even tougher…it’s not so bad for me.

I guess what makes confirming easier for me in 3rd Strike is that unless your opponent is really thinking on a higher level than you are…whenever you get a parry against most attacks you’re going to have an opponunity to get an attack in. Most of the time I go for the combo is after a successful parry any ways. So it’s basically just get a parry…mash in combo to super and I get damage. I’m good enough at doing the combo itself that there’s not so much a need to confirm it since if I successfully get a parry it’s pretty much guaranteed any ways. Looking to confirm it just by catching someone not blocking low is a bit tougher and I can’t say that I’m real successful doing that but I can do it if I’m really looking to do that. Most of the time though I just look for a parry after IAD mix ups and if I get a succesful one or catch the opponent in a trip guard situation…I just run the command it and it comes out.

im convinced i have some old version or something
shit does not work (i hav jap version if it matters)
i can do the full command but not your shortcuts

my timing is not that bad
i can do the cl. MK > XFLAT
i can do akuma’s st. hurricane into downX3 PPP
cant do this

edit: i meant lk hurricane, st. lp, lightning super thing

Whenever I’m at the house I play on the Japanese version as well. Do it all the time there as well. I guess even if you can’t get the shortcut as long as you have some way of doing it it’s better than nothing.

EDIT: Ok wow…I just realized that I have been doing 2 qcf’s to do the super the whole time. I guess I never sat down to think about what I was doing. I do it so fast I guess I forget I’m doing two qcf’s. Basically what I do is c.LK, qcb+LP, hcf, qcf+P. I’ll make the first qcf a hcf just so it’s easier for me to roll the stick and do the qcf. If I just wanna wing it I’ll just go ahead and do 2 qcf’s. Either method works for me. Yeah…1 hcf alone after qcb+P won’t get you a super. Made you feel crazy for nuttin. LOL.

I don’t play Twelve enough apparently.

muscle memory ftw

now… whats up with the people that were agreeing with you?

They were…all in on it too???

On my new custom stick. I tried exactly what you said and it NEVER worked. Since I’m arcade stick training right now though, doesn’t matter, I never pick 12 at the moment.