The Signing Out Problem on SRK


enter SRK forums, click any forum

“Sign in”

signs in

click on thread

“Sign in”

signs in again

reads a post, quotes, prepares a response, click “reply”

“You don’t have permission to do that.”


“Sign in”

repeat with anything else that takes you to a different page

Seriously, what the fuck is going on? I’ve had to sign in again more in the last two days than I have all of 2012. What gives?


Logout vortex too stronk. Please nerf.


I’ve signed on at least six times today.


I just signed in 3 times to get to this heh. I was having issues a couple days ago, but it looked like they corrected those.

  • :bluu:


Think it’s a problem with the server or something?


Cammy’s rebelling because she knows the nerfs are coming.


The other day the site wouldn’t even load for me for a whole 20 minutes. Like, my browser wasn’t even trying. The site was literally gone for a few minutes.

I assumed they were doing maintenance, but that’s impossible seeing as how I still get signed out whenever I travel between pages on here…


Nay sir, Vanilla Akuma returns to make all buttholes in the internet bleed.


Nah Vanilla Akuma got bodied when he found out his internet connection got cut. Stay free

But anyway, the irony when I click on this thread, and the site logs me out.


If you refresh or go to another page you just magically log back in. So you’re never really logging out the page just thinks you are… or something. Its really messed up


Whatever’s happening with the serve it’s god damn annoying. Cache crashes has been fucking me up more than the logins.


So it’s NOT my browser.


Quick, change the channel!!!


same problem here with me. I thought it was just me.


KBrad’s sponsors backwards spells the boolean code to FIX THIS STUPID SITE


Yeah I thought it was just me.


The Ott thread is too big…


That’s what I’ve thought for a year. I had never heard anyone complain about this. I thought it was that I was using Chrome exclusively/signing in from China/leaving myself signed in on my work computer, Windows & Linux on my laptop, and my phone.

So it’s not just me then. But there has to be something about how this site is handling cookies, and it sucks.


I still don’t care for this particular forum layout >.>

Anyways yeah this is annoying as all get out. I understand SRK has crazy amount of traffic though. Doesn’t make it less annoying.


I blame the version select in Ultra, this all started happening after it was announced.