The Silent Hill Thread: "How to" guide on giving birth to a god


Pretty self explanatory. I didn’t see another topic like this and I know I’m not the only Silent Hill enthusiast here. Talk about anything related to or having to do with anything Silent Hill related.

Silent Hill Revelations 3D Trailer

Book Of Memories Trailer&Gameplay

And last but not least, the various comics:

Now, most diehard SH fans will take one look at Book Of Memories and write it off. I did the same at first, but after looking into it a little more I think it has the potential to be a decent game at least. Sure, I wish they would focus on trying to make more SH games that were as good as 2 and 3, but I’m not so sure that will or even ***could ***ever happen.

Although not scary, it does look like it could shape up to be something…interesting, to say the least. For the most part however I’m only interested in the new lore it’ll present. :coffee:

Also, I am actually pretty excited about this movie. They fucked around with some of the story elements for some reason, but it looks like it’ll be entertaining at least as long as they don’t drench that shit in fan service. (ahemcoughpyramidheadcough) The first movie was actually surprisingly good, so we’ll see how this one turns out.


Shameless bump. Come on ya’ll, I know I’m not the only SH fan here…:sweat:


Well I am pretty into SH. I actually played through 2 to show my wife why it was so creepy.


I completely approve of this thread. I’m really hyped about Revelation next week, even if I can’t enjoy the 3D due to only having one working eye.


Niggas need to learn how to use the search function


Probably didn’t show up when I searched it because the thread is over 5 years old.

This one has recent info on the franchise and more topic content anyway, let’s see where it goes.

On another note, why doesn’t the collection come with 1 through 4? I would have hapilly paid full retail to play 1 and 4 in HD as well. o_O


I thought SH fans fucking HATEDthe HD collection. Because it was a totally different game: VAs different (which you can’t change in 2), using UNTESTED GLITCHED OUT FUCKING BETA CODE!??!? (see linked video), different music often totally wrong sound effects.

I’m not a diehard btw, barely a fan. (Halfway thru number one so I’m working on playing all of them btw). But I’ll look for the ps2 versions of SH2/3. And one reason Silent Hill 1 wasn’t on the HD Collection is probably because it’s available on PSN. Has anybody else heard about Kojima possibly taking reigns of the Silent Hill titles? Fuck that would be awesomeeeeee!


Oh and I will be seeing the movie opening night.


I consider myself a pretty diehard fan (seeing as how I have the Halo of The Sun tattooed on me) and I loved the collection. 2&3 were my favorite games, and it feels wrong to pick one over the other but I loved Silent Hill 3 the most out of all of them.

Yeah, the different voice actors was a weird descision on their part. But if I remember correctly from back when I owned the collection, you actually were able to switch between original and new VA’s in both games.

Could be wrong though. Plan on picking it up again when I get paid tommorow.


SH 3 was the first one I ever played. And I was hooked on the series from then. The character and level design were something else, I still dread certain areas, because of how they still give me the creeps. I liked the whole over zealous Claudia and the premise of how their religion really was about. Man that brings back memories. But I feel that SH 2 flowed better, but had the whole "less is more: thing going for it.


You have the halo on the sun on you?

Damn, all I have is a THOTS necklace.


Silent Hill 3 had my favorite enviorements and enemies, hands down.

Silent Hill 2 however, took the cake with character development and plot progression.

Did not see the ending coming whatsoever, and it’s just riddled with underlying tones in an infinite amount of aspects. Also it featured my favorite antagonist of anything ever ever happening ever in the history of ever.


Ok so I’ve never played a Silent Hill game before, but by seeing the gameplay it just looks straight out awesome.

Is it true what the poster said about the HD collection? That you can change the VA’s from new to the old ones? If it’s possible to change it to the old ones I’m willing to buy it.

If that is not the case, I’ll start off by buying SH1 on psn.


Again, if I remember correctly then yes you can switch back and forth.

I’m gonna pick it up tommorow, so we’ll see.


Kinda fucked up that I was searching for ANY news of a Silent Hill sequel, and found nothing as recently as august…and boom, here’s Revelations right in my face…did anybody know about this movie before this month?


It’s been known about for quite awhile now. :rofl:


I heard of that you can’t change the VA in SH3.

Anyway, SH2 and 3 are some of my all-time favourite games (Still have the PS2 versions.). I also like SH1. It has incredibly dated graphics and it was still much more scary than something like Doom 3, Resident Evil 5 and FEAR 2.

I HATED SH4. Hated it so much that I gave up halfway through.

I don’t understand the hate for Origins. I liked it a lot and it holds a special place in my heart, because it was my 1st SH game.

Downpour was very flawed, but it’s a B- to me. I loved the atmosphere, the rain theme and the sidequests, but the monster designs were bland and it had awful framerate issues.

I never played Homecoming. Should I still get it?


Up to you, really. If you’re interested enough in the lore to pick it up then sure go for it, but a lot of people don’t like it because it’s combat focused and the main character is pretty much a marine ass-kicking badass. You know, as opposed to the others where you’re just a normal dude thrown into hell and whatnot.

I enjoyed it, but most won’t feel the same.


Actually I played Homecoming, but was still confused on the ending. Why was his father so hard on him? Was it because he was protecting him?


Hunh…note to self: fire web-search cat, replace with sock-chase cat…