The Simpsons Fans To Hold the Longest TV Marathon Ever

Fans are going for the Guiness World record


I know most of you bum’s aint got no job,go for it and try and make you’re skrilla.

somehow i doubt anyone on srk has what it takes to win a no sleeping contest

Those latter episodes are gonna put errrrrrrrbody to sleep.

I’m expecting some death partially by sleep deprivation from this. Around 180 hours of The Simpsons (I’m doing the math right, right?)?

Actually how long are each episode, around 22 minutes?

nothing good can come from this lol

tweakers rejoice. just leave the simpsons on your tv (if you haven’t pawned it yet) for a couple weeks and you get $10000!

And just to throw this in…2000’s simpsons is underrated

Wow season 1-9 will be bomb! The rest…not so much.

500 episodes at 22 minutes each is over a solid week of Simpsons watching assuming you just go end to end with no breaks… Staying up for a week usually won’t kill you, but man that is NOT healthy… Most I’ve ever stayed up was 5 nights and I was straight up hallucinating by the 6th day. Dunno if I could do it for 7 nights.


We did this back in the summer of 2003. There weren’t that many episodes than, but still several days of stuff. We set it up on a huge tv and invited anyone to stop by at any time. I never did the math for how long I stayed up for all of that, but I wasn’t actively watching simpsons the whole time. I could stay up for probably 5 days for this, but I have no desire to watch that much simpsons. The modern seasons are awful.

i could do this easily. Stay up several days watching marathons, playing video games, or beating off to porn, keeps me forever young. Several days of no sleep? Pffft, no problem.

and you’re looking at roughly 7 days, 15 hours, and 20 minutes, of watching the The Simpsons to do 500 episodes.

Looks fun and I love the simpsons
but I fall asleep to easily once Im tired


the last few of episodes have been good.

there’s easier ways of doing this like robbing a bank

i usually hate when people complain about how a show has gone downhill and sucks but last night i watched the simpsons for the first time in like 10 years and wow is all i gotta say. it’s just joke/pop culture reference one after another whereas the other ones actually had a story

Agreed. They’re not excellent, but those episodes get far more crap than they deserve, especially the ones released after the movie.

cocaine would should then used as a performance enhancer then people DQ’d!
Like saying blaze blue is interesting cuz you smoked a pound of weed

its a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon of simpsons suck and/or switching the conversation to a show they watch instead.
I doubt they watch every episode, its not like there i want to watch ALL of the old eps either but since they don’t get as much play, i don’t remeber which ones aren’t as memorable.
Also, the newish ones get put on repeat like nobodies business, its like, I know they are back to back, but i just fuckin watched this shit last week if not YESTERDAY! come on fox! atleast cycle through the fucking seasons. RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! lol

I’d rather watch the “bad” Simpson eps over Family Guy.

It has been about two years since I’ve seen a Simpsons episode and unless they start streaming episodes via Netflix (fuck Hulu), that trend won’t change anytime soon.

I’d rather not watch either