The Simpsons to kill off one of their main characters this season


Who will it be? The Simpsons to kill off one of their main characters this season.

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Probably Abe I think… or Mr Burns.


Everyone died to me a looong time ago :coffee:


Could it get any worse when they killed Maude? My guess is that we’ll be disappointed either way.

Isn’t this the last season too?


Maybe some of you youngins don’t know any better, but those of us who have been around since the beginning know the truth.

Simpsons season 1-9=Best sitcom ever, possibly best television show ever, maybe best work of art in the 20th century.

Simpsons season 10-11=Very good, better than most shows, but nowhere close to previous seasons

Simpsons 12+=Mildly entertaining and an almost empty shell of what it used to be


What sucks is when you watch reruns and it goes into the later seasons.


Current status of the Simpsons:


Who is this directed at?

Abe has died once already, though that might have been a halloween special, Mo is too much of a coward. It’s probably Ned, they’ll have him finally reunited with Maude in heaven.


Character death should be done because of reasons within the show. Writer’s flavor, making room for new characters, shock value to long time viewers, any of dozens. The fact that it is being advertised demonstrates it is a marketing gimmick. maybe it didn’t start that way but it sure seems it.


Would be nice if the character they kill is my long-time disinterest in this show.


I never liked old Gill. Poor man’s Lionel Hutz.


I thought Fox aired the final season and finished Simpsons already?





  • No Cookie Kwan, I’m scared of you!

one of my favourite scenes with old Gill :lol:


“its not Maggaggie’s birthday?”

I just watched that episode last night.


I still miss Lionel Hutz, he was my favourite Simpsons character.

Wasnt there an episode where Gil acts out of character? I think it was the spelling competition episode where he cheats to beat Lisa.


It’s probably going to be Homer.


Anyone remember when Simpsons episodes had a story, a morale and realistic and likable characters?

Well, those times are forever lost since nowadays the show revolves around homer doing stupid shit in quick succession.




'Dat pacemaker…


Troll thread.


Realistically, it could be anybody and I wouldn’t care at this point. I still watch episodes from the glory days, but aside from that, the show is over for me.

But watch it be Mr. Largo.