The Singers and Musicians Thread


Whether you play an instrument or sing, post a new cover, or would just like to learn how to, just post here. Just a thread for those people to discuss said topics and what not. I can’t sing and only made music on an app, so I don’t count as a musician nor have the right to make this thread.

  1. Making music has nothing to do with ‘right’, if you enjoy being creative acoustically, no one can take that from you.
  2. I have yet to find a good app for music. Certain ones have good features, but none I’ve come across (iOS platform) have made me happy. My favorite so far is “MusicStudio”. I’ve got Fruity Loops which does take samples now apparently (it didn’t when I first got it for the iDevices), but I havne’t spent any real time with it at ALL.
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Don’t we have a producers thread that covered making music in these fashions?


Yet you made one anyway…


I want to learn how to make music, but I suck at life.


Not sure. I did search if there was already a thread like this.

Your point? I just thought this would be a good place for those exact people.


I’m pretty sure there’s a producers thread for that purpose, I know we have a Guitarist & Bassist thread…


Everything that produces a sound is music.

Yeah, we have a producers thread. Kinda fluctuates from active to dead, but it’s there.

Also the rap thread, the guitarists and bassists thread.

I propose this one as the Strings & Pipes thread, as in acoustic instruments.

I play the saxophone and played bass clarinet in H.S. for a couple months, and cymbals for 1 week during a particularly rebellious stage that I decided to join the drumline. :rofl:

But my main instrument is sax. Anyone play something similar? :tup:


So this should just be for singers, then? Unless, we have more rappers than singers here.


I used to play trumpet, and euphonium/baritone when I did marching band and drum corps. 7 years of not practicing and a smoking habit pretty much ruined my chops though.

I’m trying to develop my singing voice. I’ve got a decent ear but I think I need some professional tutoring.


Pick up an instrument and learn how to play it.


You make it sound real easy, and I say this because in High School I played Fusion Bass and Shred Guitar and developed accuracy and learned a lot of techniques
for both instruments. Yet I could never just jam or make music, I found it really damn hard. Maybe Im just a very good copy cat.


I think I made it sound simple. It isn’t quite the same thing.

I learned a lot about jamming and invention by reading musicians talking about their own processes and listening to that kind of music to hear those processes in action. After a while, you start to get a sense of the strategies involved. It isn’t just blind luck or a god-given gift when the right pieces fall together at the right time.

That doesn’t mean you’ll hit it out of the park every time, either, or even a majority of the time. But musicians can and do create conditions that allow those moments to happen more readily.


True that.


I didn’t know my school had piano and violin classes? Which ones should I get into?


ALL I EVER WANTED TO LEARN WAS THE VIOLIN!! Why didn’t father listen to me?!?!?!?


If anybody is considering picking up guitar or bass, these two sites have affordable, good-quality instruments:

I don’t remember if Guitar Fetish has starter packages, but I know Rondo does.


Beatporters, show your boy some love in the Skrillex Remix Competition and Ill love you forever.


Oh, Masha’s alive.