The Single Most Powerful SF Character?

I’m sure this has been asked a lot but I’m a n00b just getting into SF and I’m really curious.

If we don’t count gameplay and just go off what we see in cutscenes and know of the storyline, which Street Fighter character is above them all?

Is it one of the following:
-M. Bison (peak)

No it is Shen Long. You must defeat him to stand a chance. Wait that means there is someone much more powerful than him. He is still cool though.


I think Akuma and Oro are both in the same plateu(Oro might be just a step down from Akuma). A healthy Gen is probably up there with them too.

Bison was murked by Akuma so he’s probably below all 3.

Gill’s probably the strongest in the SF universe,but he’s supposed to be like a God character anyways.

Fuck that. Grief is the most powerful. In World Warrior, the SPD did 33% damage, had no missed grab animation, and could snag you from far away in the middle of a lot of moves. It was dangerous.

What about Garuda?

There’s no way to tell. it could be Akuma. Could be Oro or it could be gill.

Canon wise, IIRC, Akuma defeated both Gill and Bison with a SGS. (gill ressurected) so then again, they maybe out of the equation.

Game wise, ST Akuma was the dumbest character to be in any SF.

I heard Oro stalemated Akuma with one arm.

Yeah, I’d say Oro. Ryu will be the greatest in the future. He is suppose to have the most POTENTIAL. So all he needs is some hyperbolic training and he’s good.

knowin wont make you a top player…

I never said I wanted to be a top player.

Notice I said I wanted it to not relate to gameplay at all?

top player? isn’t SF an action RPG? I always played it for the story… :sad:


Oh and hmmm…I guess gouki comes to mind. Wouldn’t sleep on Ryu either :stuck_out_tongue:

The power to make you frustrated and/or make your balls shrink with fear is real power. Everything else is just trivia.

ehh, gave it some thought. I vote Alex. In his N.W.O. colors.


Akuma never fought Gill

oro looks like blankas abortion, seriously

I heard you’s a chump.

Yes he did. He SGS’d him, and he resurrected.

He said canonwise, and thats for a fact not true.

Where are you getting that information?