The Sinister (right-stick left-button/ Mexican) Thread index

People told me to be brief. and brief I’ll be.

this is a catch-all index that catalogs all talk about an issue that is invisible to most people but obvious to the few who are aware of it.

the issue that will be catalog is left handedness/ right stick and similar issues.

This is just the index itself pointing to separate individual issues.

if you wish to point out a new sub-issue involved set up an internal link in this forum.

My previously published opinions are on my website,

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…shouldn’t this be in tech talk?


Or just not at all


There are other issues besides tech.

People complained when I went into the history of the left stick default.

Some things, like how to build your own ambi stick will be in tech talk, because it fits there generally.

The higher whiffing percentage on specials on older SFs and the right stick advantage to reduce the whiff percentage would be discussed under a Gameplay segment.


That’s why this is an index.

Here are the first two entries in the index.

Can my Sinister Stick claim be more scientifically tested?
By the way, that article was the old me. I kept every thing in, but I clearly marked the weeds so you go into them only if you choose to do so, and not accidentally.

Have special move joystick execution forgivess increased over time?

No, it has nothing to do with tech talk.
Tech talk is about technology, not techniques.

Yeah no one cares.

The reason I was discussing things in tech talk was because I was trying to figure out how to build ( or in my case, tell Stan how to build) the unique features of my joystick.

Features which, I admit, have been done before individually, but rarely together.

Plus I thought about these ideas before coming to srk. And it’s a good thing because other people thought about it too and blazed parts of the trail.

Also I knew design everything in advance instead of haphazardly to save money on Stan’s labor. it cost more to undo something and redo it a different way than it does to spend time and think about the way you actually do want to do it, and do it right the first time.

Here’s my post joining in on the April 1, 2020 Mod Post

Here’s me questioninh whether it’s Today’s Birthday or Unbirthday Glossary.

Wtf? You know the mod post is an April fool’s joke right?