The Sisqo look alike

Yeah so I need some tips against Urien. I dont know anything about dealing with aegis or the setups. The only thing I know how to fight against are headbutt feints into throws, easily teched. I can only seem to beat Urien players when they dont have any meter. Because I have nothing to worry about.

Urien cant do much with his fireballs, I know not to hop like a bunny because of AA fireballs into tackles. The only real damage I can do is when I land a F+MK overhead while he’s crouching and then I follow up with S.MK into EX QCB+K. Damn good damage and stun. Urien can also be easy to cross up sometimes with J.MK when the Urien player isnt expecting it. So I get a free LP -> MP -> HP xx whatever.

This isnt enough though. Once Urien has an Aegis stocked it’s over for me. One wrong guess on which way to block in the corner is GGPO Ibuki. Guess high and Urien does low LK and thats your ass. Guess low and Urien does his overhead (is it fierce?) and you can kiss your ass goodbye.

One would think “Oh if I stay out of the corner, I should be okay! Right?” Urien’s mid screen unblockables get to me too. Although sometimes when Urien releases Aegis mid screen I can back dash, although if I get too predictable Urien will punish my back dash with a tackle. I have no idea how to approach Urien let alone fight him when he’s packing an Aegis.

So thats what I need tips on. Is Aegis pretty much like genei jin where I just have to bend over and get raped?

Great title :rofl:

Do you play offencive or defencive?

Mid screen unblockables aren’t even guaranteed. When he knocks you down it’s usually best to just low parry the first hit and then forward parry the next couple hits and you should be out. It’s an option select he forces you into but it’s definitely not the end. Do anything but block. Unless you notice he sets it up wrong…then you can block. Otherwise just parry your way out of it and pray that you don’t parry the wrong way. LOL. Basically…if you get put in an unblockable situation in the first place…that’s your problem. Urien’s already written the book in his favor at that point.

The good thing about this matchup is that Ibuki is actually overall the one in the advantage in this matchup. She has the better poking game, can really lock him down with attack strings, and is actually rather good at escaping anything other than a perfect Aegis setup. It requires you to know a good bit about how Urien works but…once you understand how to not get caught up in Urien’s shenanigans…the matchup is a good bit easier.

What about Aegis in the corner? Am I totally fucked at that point?

I have some trouble with Urien as well. This is what I do…

Stop jumping. Just stay out of the air.

I like to stay at max MK slide distance. Wait for him to throw out fireballs, slide in, start up close guessing games which is where Ibuki has the advantage. Ibuki really does have the poke/up close advantage here and you should really press it hard. Ibuki’s health is so low that one nasty Urien combo can put her at 50% health.

When I say up close games I mean, just out of throw range pokes and block chains, Uni overhead, sneak in for throw and repeat. Normally they start throwing out elbows which can be avoided most of the time. Keep him in a constant up close/wake up guessing game.

Playing defensivly isn’t the way to go here and I think this gives him the advantage.

With the ageis, try for a forward dash as you are getting up. Sometimes this will bail you out of the corner and you will pass through him and he comes in to put pressure on you. Its actually pretty funny to see Urien dashing in only to have him end up on top of his reflector and you safe on the other side.

Just ideas.

Yes…just like you’re totally fucked in Guilty Gear when Eddie has you in the corner throwing shadow unblockables or in ST when T.Hawk knocks you down in the corner and goes for jumping jab to 360 over and over.

Funny thing is…there still are technically ways to escape those things but the chances are really slim. Same with Genei Jin pressure. If Yun has set you up in the corner with a block string into Genei Jin…that’s your fault and that’s his advantage. That’s what fighting games are about…not putting yourself in situations where you get written a death note. You don’t instanly lose health once Urien puts you in the corner, but it’s really considered a situation where if he gets you there and you have meter…it’s gonna be your ass unless you guess block your way out.

So to not get totally fucked…your only option is to not get put in the corner. Ibuki is a strong enough character to not just be a punching bag situation for Urien. In fact…when played right Urien will probably be in the corner more often than Ibuki. Ibuki just does a better job creating momentum and Urien has to work hard to force big mistakes just to get a chance of putting you in the corner. Ibuki can just do what she does and have Urien in the corner. Especially without a real strong reversal it’s easy for Ibuki to keep pressure on him with poke strings and the only way out is hoping a reversal headbutt works in his favor or getting a lucky parry/red parry to throw or c.HP.

I don’t like this match up for the simple reason of Ibuki’s stamina. Urien really makes you pay each hit he does. However, long strings works on him and should be used often.

taller characters tend to be an easier match up for me; they’re open for more set ups than mid/shorter characters. my suggestion is working on your parry game. this usually entails non-excessive movements on the stick, especially for ibuki. i’ve realized you can’t have a mid air parry game if you tend to hold the stick forward anticipating any of the mid air chains ibuki has. keep the stick neutral until you go for the second hit, that way you still have the opportunity to throw parries for those diagonal fireballs (and thus punish). if they parry the chain by jumping towards you, punish with an air throw.

regarding your cross over forward, to forward kick and EX qcb+k, i suggest using <- + strong, fierce to ex qcb+k instead. WAY more stun, meter AND dmg. urien’s height allows him to be punished by this.

use your speed and mix WELL. i’ve found her DP+ punch messes up urien’s charge since it forces a reset to the other side of the screen. drop kunais to force a block stun mid flight, or use an empty DP+p and SA2 instead (if you’re mixing well and fast enough they’ll fall for it) this works well for ALL charge characters (urien, remy, alex, oro) especially on a standing charge. just make sure not to abuse it as many charge character use diagonal for the anti-air option. even with this, a good mix up and reset forces improper timing and a whiff while you land safely on the floor to punish accordingly. DO NOT abuse this move, and keep mixing.

if you manage to catch urien in the corner and have enough meter, you can EX kazekiri Twice (maybe even three times?) followed by falling jab > fierce in the potential of 75% (?) stun. this works on all taller characters as they are unable to block the hits on the way down from a successful EX kazekiri. if you’re too far for one last kazekiri, either use > + RH, or Gake and throw.

lastly don’t be afraid of his aegis. more importantly don’t be afraid of anything. you’re focusing on his offense instead of yours. there is no other way to play ibuki except offensively. experienced players know she’s a TERRIBLE turtle. mix well and control the tempo of the match. utilize ALL her moves and make them say “oh, i forgot about that -_-”. and trust me they will. ESPECIALLY urien.