The Skullgirls General FAQ


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The combo meter has unique phrases 1-100, more spread out 101-999, and random special stuff on certain numbers. Where da training mode at?


Is this really true?

BTW, I think it’s odd that the 17 hit descriptor is milquetoast, I wouldn’t call 17 hits milquetoast at all. The word sort of has an old timely vibe, but I feel that word could be used for something like a 3 hit combo. lol


Went through the FNF videos for a few more specfic combo number phrases. Here’s what I could find.

2 - Poetic
3 - Cute (Happy)
4 - Adorable
5 - Sweet (Meh…)
6- Neat (Meh…)
7 - Lucky
8 - Neat!
9 - Stylish (Neat!)
12 - Good!
13 - Unlucky
14 - Genial
15 - Precocious
19 - Great
24 - Awesome!

Some of the ones from earlier vids have been replaced (earlier ones are in parenthesis) and some were repeated initially. Most of the older vids didn’t have phrases implemented yet.

I also noticed while researching this that the combo at the end of a round wasn’t giving a phrase at all. Like the counter was frozen by the end of the round and waiting in limbo to see if any more hits connected. On purpose or something that hasn’t been worked on yet?


I kept a brief list from WNF a few weeks back, just throwin them out there

All I have that hasn’t already been posted:
10 - Fancy
32 - Boom (exact # hits in Peacock’s Lv3, btw)


The combo adjective for 32 is now Anatiferous which according to Peter means “producing Ducks”.



producing ducks? what on earth.

if it comes through next wnf and i’m not distracted i’ll lurk some games and try to keep a list.

but honestly most of us don’t get past 10 or 12 much unless it’s like peacock lv1s or parasoul lv3s


That’s what I said! :xeye:

That will be awesome if you can. I know the first thing I’m doing when SG is released is finding the easiest infinite loop and sitting in training mode listing all the adjectives :rofl:

There’s plenty of time to be productive later!


was sorta sidetracked + the numbers we’re missing are kinda hard to get to at this point so all I managed to jot down was:

Visionary - 20

then we got a parasoul lv3 happy birthday in training mode and I’m almost positive it said “Porsche,” 81 hits =| …I uhh… I may have read it wrong iunno.


Looks like this thread is coming along nicely. Good work Chibers :3.

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It’s this year already.


About air-dashing. Some Characters can can AD cancel out of a normal like Valentine and I believe Painwheel…

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I think anyone with an airdash can cancel out of normals (all/some?), I know Valentine and Peacock can, and I’m fairly sure Filia can. Ms. Fortune I have no idea, though.

Painwheel doesn’t have an airdash, but she can fly cancel all of her normals and throws (ground and air).




I don’t suppose this game has a strictly 1v1 mode, does it?


There were talks about letting people to restrict this stuff in options but IIRC they didn’t implement it. Although you can create lobby with “1v1 only” title or whatnot.


Chibi, if you’re working on faq right now, you can take links to movelists from my sig. i’m pretty sure someone will ask about them after release. Don’t want that shit happen second time >_>


Chibi you should also add in the FAQ that in order to tech grounded regular throws the opponent must stand up. Holding down, down/back, down/forward and mashing on throw will not give them a throw input (only a c.LP).


There might be a flood of questions about stuff so here’s some resources I think may be of use