The Skullgirls General FAQ


There isn’t one in game, you have to get it online.


So, just recently learned that a lot of Filia combos that people are finding only work in training mode because you can create “fake” combos because of the techability of her hard knockdown from j.HK (doesn’t actually work on a real, living opponent, because they’ll just tech). Is there any way for us to be sure of when an OTG can actually work in a real match without having to call a friend over just to hold a stick in a direction for us to do training mode? Some kind of visual indicator or something?


isn;t the techable OTG shown with a flash of blue on the ground.

non-techable will be red

so if you see red, it a proper combo, if you see blue its not.

please somone correct me if this is wrong.


on a website or a transferable patch?


next question then, is how do you end up with red or blue tech?


first otg is always untechable (red)

otg used in a loop turns the indicator blue.

watch the first attack ultrachen archive, mike talks about it and demonstrates it.

this is all fuzzy in my memory but i would love if someone can confirm my claims.


Yeah, I tried to gauge the red/blue hitspark thing and based on what I remembered from playing against my friends, that seems to be the case. That needs to go in an FAQ or something.


So quick question, I’m playing the demo and sometimes the character I’m playing as will dissapear for a millisecond and be replaced by a bunch of green hit boxes. Is anyone else seeing this?


How do you unlock Valentine and Double story mode?
How do you unlock all the colors?


Beat story with the intial 6

Color 7: Beat story mode with the character
Color 8: Beat Arcade with that character on the team (example: team of 3 will unlock 8 for all 3)
Color 9: 25 wins with that character (character that strikes killing blow if on a team) Versus Only
Color 10: shrug


cool so basically if you dont have anyone to play you can just setup versus mode on a second controller against a team of one and beat them 25 times to get color 9… not so bad just use versus mode as training.

a quick question:

how long is the input buffer in this game? t seems rather small compared t streetfighter where i think its around fifteen frames give or take a few… both the time needed to do specials seems smaller and the buffer after the motion is completed seems to have a small window, it makes combos harder not that im complaining, i like it. i’d just like to know what the actual buffer is and whether it changes from move to move or if its static across the board.



[]The game engine reads special and super move motions with distinct individual directions read for at least 1f.
]Button inputs for a special or super move read in a 4f window, starting at the last required direction for the motion.
[]The game engine registers sequential directions within 4f for a special or super motion. The slowest allowable QCF + P takes 12f.
]The game engine registers non-sequential directions, or a sequence that require crossing through neutral, within 8f for a special or super motion. The slowest allowable DP + P takes 16f. The slowest allowable 360 + P takes 28f.
[]DP motions typically have priority over QCF motions. An input of →↓↘→ + P will read as a DP + P.
]QCF motions have priority over DP motions with anything resembling a half circle input. An input of →↙↓↘→ + P will read as a QCF + P.
[*]Charge times are all 35f.
More details SG Q&A Thread - Launch Party April 10-11th


you are awesome dude, thanks i was looking in the wiki for the info… but i guess i have a problem navigating it…

yeh, from reading this it seems that the skullgirls TOTAL buffer window for quarter circle moves is about half what it is in streetfighter. i dont know the exact frames but im pretty sure that when sirlin was talking about buffer windows he was talking about the time one has to press the button AFTER completing the motion. whereas mike seems to be talking total buffer time from first input of motion to button press. i can feel it cause on streetfighter i could if i wanted to, roll the fireball command very slowly THEN take a long while before i presed the button for something that felt like about 25 frame total buffer window.

SG having a smaller one throws me off cause i use slower inputs in combos alot especialy when i cancel into fly… ive gotten used to slowly rolling the fly motion in the middle of my normal attack input and then timing my button press to coincide with the cancel frames of the move im canceling… whereas in SG in oreder to do fly combos i have to wait until the normal is almost completely finished and input the fireball motion fast and the button corresponding to the fly as soon as ive completed the motion.

bla bla. im not complaining, i actually like this new timing as it gives SG a completely new feel from any other fighting game ive played… its not links and stuff thats hard here its chain timing and special move cancels in chains that gets hard… but only to learn, since the timings are actually slower they are in fact easier, its just completely new muscle memory for somebody that has been raised on nothing but capcom fighting games.

anywho thanks for the reply, i appreciate it.



Been struggling with that input style myself.


Unless it’s a sweep, which is always techable on first bounce iirc.


How do you wavedash in this game?


How much does SkullGirls cost


15$ / 1200MSP.


If online doesn’t die in 2-4 weeks I"ll buy it.


What are the rules for DHC-ing in this game? I seem to be able to DHC Parasoul’s Motor Brigade to Diamond Dynamo even if it doesn’t it. I can’t seem to DHC dynamo to motor brigade on whiff.