The sky is falling! Nope. just a satellite


WTF is this? Someone parry it!

*NASA space junk experts have refined the forecast for the anticipated death plunge of a giant satellite, with the U.S. space agency now predicting the 6 1/2-ton climate probe will plummet to Earth around Sept. 23, a day earlier than previously reported.

The defunct bus-size spacecraft is NASA’s Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS), which launched in 1991 and was shut down in 2005 after completing its mission. The satellite was expected to fall to Earth sometime this year, with experts initially pegging a weeks-long window between late September and early October, then narrowing it to the last week of this month.*


Hopefully it’ll burn and disintegrate before it starts to be a pain in the uars

where it might land is the big question, hope it doesn’t hit north korea


Well just like what the article said, Earth has an abundant amount of water. The satellite is more likely to hit the ocean than land.


Seems like NASA just don’t give a fuck anymore. I remember reading that the earth has been piling a lot of space junk in it’s outer atmosphere/orbit (or whatever you call it) cause of the stuff that NASA does. When they were asked if they can try to get it clean, their response was “We’ll think about it.”…??? And now they’ve built a 6.5 ton satellite knowing that it would crash somewhere on the earth in the near future? Was that seriously their best option? Just let that shit potentially crash onto some poor family’s home? No magnets? No self-destruct button? Shoot it with a laser? I didn’t read the article that the OP posted so I may be ahead of myself, but uh, yeah…


I really doubt any space junk will hold up after plummeting through the atmosphere.


What are you so worry about? September 23rd, that give us almost a whole week to train a ragtag group of misfits and turn them into makeshift astronauts to blow this thing up. Wake me when some 2012 level shit goes down and we have 3 1/2 days to build arks.