The SLAM Webcomic is live

The SLAM Webcomic:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud and honoured to announce that the SLAM Webcomic website is now up and it is live for you to take a look at the first 4 pages from SLAM. If you love comic books, and are a fan of professional wrestling, like myself, then you owe it to y…ours…elf to check it out. Plus it’s a great story to boot, action packed as well.

So bookmark the site, tell your friends and spread the word. Join the forum/message board as well, interact with the creators, and fellow readers.

This has been a labour of love, patience and hard work, not just on my part, but also on the part of David McConnehey [link] who worked tirelessly to colour the pages with me constantly asking for alterations and changes, lol. Poor guy, but it looks great. Also there has been alot of help from my friend Kris Feric, who worked on the
lettering and constantly encouraging me.

The SLAM Webcomic:

That looks pretty good, actually.

So is the wrestling fake or not?

Hey Carpet Lint, thanks for the kind words about my artwork, it’s greatly appreciated. Keep coming back and I promise it’ll get better and even more crazier than 3 Ultras in a row, lol.

Hey Kromo, the wrestling that takes place in the world that SLAM exists in, is as real as MMA is. So all those crazy over the top wrestling moves that would normally leave someone crippled, if not severely injured impact each other wrestlers. That’s actually the gist of the story, how can these wrestlers take this kind of punishment and still be standing afterwards?

The images aren’t loading for me with either Crome or IE

Well I’m impressed, bookmarked.

Hey PuFF, there were some issues with the images not loading, but now they’re fixed. Have a look for yourself and check it out.

Hey NegroNinja, thanks for the kind words. They are very much appreciated and I hope to have you come back to check it out more and more. Spread the word, to your friends, who you know like stuff like that. It’s only gonna get crazier and crazier after this.

Just wanted to let everybody know that the SLAM Webcomic has been updated with a new page, so go and check it out at:

SLAM Webcomic:

Hey everybody, just wanted to let you all know that the SLAM Webcomic has received it’s second update, with page 6 going live. Trust me, when I say this, page 6 is probably the most important page you’ll read, when it comes to the SLAM Webcomic.

The first 5 pages have been building up to this pivotal page, and the rest of the series is propelled by the events on page 6, so now’s the best time to check out and read the SLAM Webcomic.

If you’ve got your own theories or ideas on what’s going on in SLAM, by all means join the message board/forum, and share them. And don’t forget to tell your friends, to come and check out the SLAM Webomic as well.

All the best, and see you all next Tuesday, Marvin.

SLAM Webcomic:

Now that the images are working it is really really good. Nice artwork and chars.

Love the art style and subject matter.

Really like the character design as well.


@PuFF - Thanks for the kind words there PuFF, I’m glad the images are working too, lol. And hopefully you’ll keep coming back to check out more.

@SNK Fan - Thank you for bookmarking the SLAM Webcomic SNK Fan. You’ve already got my mucho respect, since you’re an SNK fan much like myself and plus you’ve got the lone wolf, Terry Bogard as your avatar. That’s my boy, lol. It’s always great to know that you appreciate the art work, character designs and subject matter there. Keep coming back and it’s only gonna get better from here on out.

This looks pretty good. I don’t really give a shit about wrestling, but this seems cool enough to check out from time to time. bookmarks

Hey SWBeta, thanks for giving it a chance. Yeah, I know wrestling isn’t for everybody, but the fight scenes are gonna be as hardcore and action packed as I can make them, cause that’s how I like them too. But to be honest, the fighting and wrestling is just the stuff to keep everybody’s attention, as the story/mystery unfolds itself for the readers to see. Glad to have you aboard, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep you coming back for more, Marvin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as steady as clockwork, it is Tuesday and the newest page of SLAM has been updated to the SLAM Webcomic.

Check it out here:

After the monumental revelation of page 6, what new questions or answers does page 7 have in store? The only one way to find out, is to come to the SLAM Webcomic and read it for yourself.

Besides being one of the most action packed webcomics out there, SLAM is also home to a story filled with mystery and intrigue, that will draw you in.

SLAM Webcomic:

Team SNK (left hand side): Tizoc, Blue Mary & Raiden drawn by Marvin Law ( )

Team Capcom (right hand side): Hugo, R. Mika & Zangief drawn by fire-tisane ( )

This is the third Capcom vs. SNK collaboration between myself and fire-tisane, you can check out the previous ones here: and

This was a fun collaboration to do, since I’m a big fan of professional wrestling, this collaboration with fire-tisane was really easy and lots of fun for me to do. Not sure why fire-tisane decided to have Zangief with the championship belt, but I’m sure Raiden has something to say about it with his belt motion around his own waist, lol.

So if you love professional wrestling and just fighting games in general, you should come and check out the SLAM Webcomic at , cause you’ll love it, cause it has something for everybody.

SLAM Update#4 - Page 8 is loose in the world…

SLAM Webcomic:

Hey everybody, it’s Tuesday again, and as per usual it’s time for the update to the SLAM Webcomic. This time around, page 8 is available for your viewing pleasure at the SLAM Webcomic site ( ).

Since, Suicide Steve from all appearances in the last few pages, seems to have miraculously recovered from his devastating injuries he’s suffered from and with questions unanswered, as to how that’s possible, we move onto other problems.

What happens, when you put a bunch of guys, who are very competitive, don’t like each other and generally, get on each other’s nerves into a room together? Well you get a powder keg, and the incident involving Suicide Steve, is the fuse that’s lit the powder keg, that’s about ready to blow. So by all means check it out for yourself, and see how the chaos plays it out amongst these strong personalities and egos.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check it out, Marvin.

SLAM Webcomic:

SLAM Webcomic

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s update time again for the SLAM Webcomic. If you saw page 8, last week, you would’ve seen 'Plex Jackson and ‘Steamroller’ Jones about ready to throwdown in the NFW locker room area, and if you’re wondering if they will get it on, you’ll have to come and check it out for yourself.

We’re also introduced to very important characters on page 9, one is a new protagonist, by the name of Arjuna, who is in fact the NFW World Champion and a new antagonist in the form of Sledgehammer, who is the former NFW World Champion that Arjuna took the championship belt from. And you thought things couldn’t get even more tense, we decide to throw some gasoline onto the fire, lol.

Remember to check this page out, because, after this page is the actual main event, of the NFW World Championship match between Arjuna, defending his title against Sledgehammer in a rematch. It’s gonna be one heck of a slobber knocker, throwdown dragout slugfest between the two.

SLAM Webcomic