The "So Bad it's Good" thread


We love to see people fail. There’s nothing quite like the splendor of seeing someone put in all of their artistic talents just to make a huge turd of a performance. This thread is dedicated to enjoying awful performances for the accidental masterpieces they are.

Allow me to start with a personal favorite.



I thought this shit was from the 90s till they showed those 360 controller.

And I have to agree. This is a so bad it’s good song.


SF2: The movie. SO bad it is good.


A recent example is Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun. First time in my life I wanted to beat a crippled kid.


YouTube - BargainBinofOblivion’s Channel

These guys post up so much funny ass shit like that.





i’m a cool hip guy so i’m going to add [media=youtube]yCj8sPCWfUw"[/media] i saw it like two weeks ago the on toonami aftermath channel and I found it hilarious and I didn’t even know anything about it being infamous for being hilariously bad so it aint just all hipster hype.


You guys all know how much I love WET. Well, since I’m posting about it in this thread, now you know why.



Scarecrow Slayer


The Visitor part 2:rock::rofl:



Anything in Japan really.


Haha that one dude was playing Sengoku BASARA


The only country to get nuked… Only to make us wish we could nuke it again. Even THEY think so!


Will Japan ever make a live action show that isn’t complete ass? El Oh El at the boob beam, if Kayo Police got hit by that no one on srk would like him anymore.


The voice acting in the House of the Dead series, especially 2 or Overkill’s voice acting. So bad, it’s good.