The SoCal MBAC Thread

Does anyone actually play the arcade version of this? Ver.A as I don’t know of any Ver.B machines.

As far as I know the only machine is at Interface in Simi Valley, and I’d like to pick this game up.

I play it whenever I can, though everytime I’ve gone to AI, there was no one playing on the machine, sadly. Is the 1P side still messed up?

I don’t play arcade sadly. Version B on ps2 is the most up to date version so I’m deciding to stick with that. I figure that we should kinda get the scene for this game to be a little more active. I’ve put in some effort to do so in my area but unfortunately it hasn’t paid off yet.

I still haven’t learned how to play on stick yet, but I’ll play the console version. (Not that I can use pad yet either but still…)

I need to get more practice with this game. Sadly, I moved away from Interface (that has the game) so I probably should import it.

That or start playing ReAct Final Tuned.

There’s this one guy who lives like 10 minutes away from me yet we’ve never met up to play. He has no transportation. I understand that but FIND A WAY. -_- Even if it’s not easy.

eh, i don’t like the idea of playing on console.
i want ver.B on arcade board! at my arcade! gah!


Well that’s not happening until your arcade gets a ver.B. =\ Until then, ver.B console is the way to go. Last time there was a console gathering at my school, there were only 2 MBAC players, and you can already guess who one of them was. So yeah, I’m all alone out here.

AI sticks should be working

iirc you can throw on 1p side now

Did AI get ver.B? Last time I played I remember it was ver. A but oh wells, I dont mind playing MB. I usually play a good amount whenever I do get a chance to play it with others.

Last month there was a GG/ tourney in Walnut and a setup there. I couldn’t say I got a lot of matches in except for with a couple of people maybe. ggs to whoever I played because I didn’t catch your names.

We probably did play each other I played like 3 different people I mainly used Mech Hisui or Nrvnqsr Chaos.

If Mech Hisui could explode like Robo-Ky I’d be all over this game.

Mech-Hisui’s an Android Ranger from Phantasy Star Online. (Kohaku has a Dreamcast in her room.) See if you can recognize her weapons. :smiley:

You guys should come down to Interf@ce more. If enough people show interest in this game then maybe we’ll get version B.

besides… we have it H2H! Hopefully on japanese sticks soon. :bgrin:

If I ever go back to Simi Valley, then maybe…this weekend doesn’t look definite for me, but maybe some other time.

Until then, for me, it’s trying to figure out how to load ReAct onto my computer (Tom, I apologize for still having the disc! My computer’s still on the fritz at the moment and I’m getting it worked on!)

Come play Duralath! Denny’s after just like old times.

But if this weekend isn’t good, there’s always next week.

Japanese sticks were SUPPOSED to come in today I believe…but I forgot to check.

Hopefully tomorrow… and hopefully Thomas will install them on the jap h2h cabs.


hey I live in Corona, and alot of my friends like this game and I already own a Aero City cabinet with naomi (just not GD-rom) so I was thinking of getting this game off coin-opexpress.

What are your guys thoughts?

Well, good luck with that but the majority of MB players here in SoCal, to my understanding, are divided between console and arcade players. So I’m not really sure about that.


I play it here and there, if I see a good MBAC scene, then I’ll play it more.

I use Hisui and Satsuki!