The Social Justice Warrior Thread


This thread will discuss all social justice warrior related topics to avoid them spilling over and derailing other threads. Recently we all had a discussion regarding a feminist hashtag"YesAllWomen"on this thread:

I didn’t get a chance to reply to specs,angry liberal and lord raptor before the thread was closed so I’m hoping this thread can continue that discussion. I know most threads like this don’t stick around long due for he inevitable controversy that ensues which is why I encouraged everyone to keep things as civil and to the facts as possible.

With that said let’s discussion the recent YesAllWomen hashtag and the validity of the tumnlr/twitter feminist who have flooded it.


What the christ.


Alright it’s basically a updated gender politics thread but because that thread is so far back I figured I’d reboot it.


Fuck that noise this is the new video thread.

This is a web series a friend and I do.

Secret levels in Super Mario World.


LOL, this thread isn’t going to go anywhere.

Social Warriors don’t argue with you if they think you are some supposed backwards ass nigga.
It’s gonna devolve into shit flinging from both sides.


On the contrary I’m willing to offer evidence.

Unlike specs,angry liberal and lord raptor I don’t argue from emotion or what feels right. I argue based off the facts and evidence…come at me with any argument like the ones in the last thread I’ll debunk them and send your ass sailing.


Had I known about Tumblr and “social justice warriors” I never would’ve bothered with a degree in Anthropology. SJW are literally the armchair quarterbacks of cultural research so…fuck’em all.


Russians are the scariest white people.


Isn’t opening a new thread to continue a conversation from a closed thread against forum policy?


Should be noted that specs looks like how most feminist strawman creepy men FYI.


A more pressing question is why women further devolve into the now given to Vivi Stiviano look.

is that the one that provides the most financial independence thru leeching?


For reference sake I was attempting to branch off into a new topic.

If you all choose to spam this thread go ahead the topic is clearly defined.


I hadn’t looked at that thread in a while because it said shoot single mothers or something dumb. When the criminal in question had both parents.

You didn’t open this thread with your poignant reply you didn’t get to post. Was that even important? Sounds like you just want to continue an argument publicly.


It was a good topic but it got outta hand.

I feel its worth discussion but isolated into its own thread…don’t see the harm in that.


You’re approaching it as “your topic,” they can’t “win,”

you’re baiting them. Not even going first, or what you said you didn’t get to say because of the lock.

Then a character attack on specs for posting his own image with his content. Ok. Open forum, good place for discussion? No. Not really.


Neither fact nor evidence, except of your own opinion

acting emotionally because he doesn’t agree with you? He might be taking the higher road to not want to argue with it a whole bunch more and get nowhere.


Specs came in here posting off topic nonsense.

Outside the opening post which features no disparaging remarks I have only insulted him after he posted those vids. I also said I wanted to discuss things I didn’t say the possibility of being wrong was impossible. The intentions of the thread are very clear so plz read it again.


Actually I saw the dude so I know it is quite accurate.

Secondly as stated numerous times already I feel we have a topic worth discussing and id like to open the topic up for discussion. Your trying to find some hidden motive here but there isn’t it. If someone agrees or disagrees with a certain argument I’m more then willing to prove my case. This thread is simply to discuss the recent epidemic of"social progressive thinkers"on social media and to argue their merit…it’s a simple concept.


nah man,

you just broke all your own ground rules.