The Sock Thread

Soggy socks suck.


You know what I hate? When you have a balance between your socks and when laundry day comes and you go to wash your socks… you turn around to see a lone sock all by itself which you have to wait until to the next time you do laundry to wash it. WTF!!!

That throws the ENTIRE balance off.

And blacks socks ftw. My favorite color.

Toe socks are fucking evil. Socks alone are bad enough, suffocating your feet like that, but when you make tiny socks for each fucking toe… you’re taking it a little bit too far.

Toe socks are lower than bottom tieir.

I have a phobia of wet socks.

I went to Busch Gardens in the 7th grade and we got caught in the rain after the park and I had to sit on a bus for 4 hours with WET SOCKS in my shoes. I wanted to cry, it was the most uncomfortable feeling ever. And I had all my bags by my feet so I couldnt take off my shoes.

eyes start to swell

How dare you?!:arazz:

Toe socks are fun. Don’t hate, appreciate.

Toe socks fail. Putting on a sock is a simple swift motion like farting. By having to fit each of your toes you’re taking something simple and overcomplicating it. You might as well have toe shoes while you’re at it. Its like cutting a burger into small pieces instead of enjoying the WHOLE thing.

Its as terrible as ordering a burger without the meat.

gospel truth!

especially toe socks with strips

I have the same thing, I find wet socks to be the most uncomfortable thing.

Proof that the only people who think toe socks are cool are bitches. Sorry, but anything with a vagina is a bitch in my book. If you are indeed female. If not, you’re even more of a bitch for liking toe socks.

They’re just not cool, people. I remember when the bitches in highschool used to wear those with sandals. FUCKING SERIOUSLY. Two negatives sure as fuck don’t make a positive in this case, you’re wearing socks with sandals, and then on top of that, you have toe socks on. Ulti-fail. God I hate the fucking valley.

OMG . .my feet were all soggy when I got home. I walked around barefoot for like 2 days.

Socks with Sandals? Not even Hippies sunk that low. People did that shit at my highschool. I guess they thought it was “gangsta”…

Like bitches coming to school with spongebob towels instead of a jacket. Shit started to get really weird too… Self claimed “gangstas” started wearing Power Ranger/Dora the explorer/Spongebob book bags to school. Yeah…that’s real cool.

Don’t even let me get started on those jackasses who thought real “gangtas” wore girls small ass jackets. WTF… seeing a 5’10" man wearing a girls pink jacket that only went just below his chest and wearing a Dora the Explorer book bag with sandals over socks… I swear its like half my highschool was going through some gender switching bullshit.

I don’t know how, but whenever I dry my clothes I tend end up losing a sock in there. I inspect every corner of the dryer and washer when I’m taking my clothes out, but somehow there’s always a sock missing.

You see? They are REAL!!!

A fucking sock thread?? Crazy sockophile motherfuckers


That reminds me of American Pie 1.

finally a sock thread. putting on a brand new pair of socks is like one of the best things in the world. When I blow up I’m going to wear a brand new pair of socks everyday. Some nubs say you can get that feeling if you buy the super top of the line socks but no it’s still not the same as putting on a brand new pair.

As I was getting a sock today from the washing machine, another one fell into “no-mans land”. The narrow space between the washer and dryer. RIP good sock, you will be missed.

I bet someone on SRK names each of their socks… Bunnyhead?!:looney:

Yawp, Saquisha, Showackamatesha, any hoodbooger name and Prudence I can go on

Lol but for real, I barely keep up with my socks to even do that and majority of the time they don’t match.

anyways these are awesome

my mommy bought me a whole bunch of those happy bunny socks…but they either got stolen by my sisters or I just lost them like I always do.

Where do you think socks are heading in the 21st century?