The Solderless Light Mod

So… I would really like a simple light mod for the MC Fightstick SE. It doesn’t have to be push to activate (as joygasm inducing as it is), but maybe a simple on / off with a switch accessible through a small hole drilled through the controller…

I am going to tinker around with this idea once I get my SE on Wednesday.

I am considering using PC case lights or leds somehow…but does anybody know if there exists a small battery (AA or AAA) powered switch that would send power to a 4 pin molex?

My basic ideas is getting either a string of LEDS or a really bright cold cathode or two and simply placing them in the housing to generate enough light to illuminate translucent Senmitsu buttons. I would like it to be powered by a small, battery powered switch…anybody have any ideas? The idea is to do this without soldering. Would enough light be generated?

I just thought it would be something fun to tinker around with. The directions for the push activated lights are awesome, but I have only a very small amount of experience building circuits on a breadboard.

Oh yeah, im so stuffing the enclosure full of these…