The Solution to Disconnecting

Its happened so much that Im at the breaking point. Even at its worst SC4 was never this bad. So I now play with my camera. I have a homework assignment for anyone interested…

Im going to be taking pictures of every disconnect and be putting them up on a webite/blog very soon. I just want to have a hefty amount before I post them. I just started taking pictures last night and have caught 2 people already.

If you want to help out capture the disconnect with a photo that CLEARLY shows the offending players name.

also… as random disconnects sometimes do happen I’ll only be posting the following pictures:

  1. as mentioned, players name is clearly visible.
  2. its the final round
  3. the offending player has below 50% life

Lots of people think this kind of stuff is going too far but I don’t. I don’t think its fair that Im willing to put up my BP but someone else isn’t yetwill gladly take mine.
Also, its hard to find matches so when you finally find one and play and the asshole drops its just a huge waste of time. I don’t know about the rest of you but Im finishing up college and I don’t want my time wasted.

If the community comes together this could be a really great thing. How would those people feel when no one will play against them online? I hope they find out soon.

Thanx in advance 4 anyones help.

Already discussed here:

I dont see the logistics of doing this…

Youre going to end up with a list of hundreds if not thousands of players whom you have photographed. I highly doubt youll remember any but maybe 20 at most…

Or do you plan to make an effort to “check” your checklist of offending players before you accept any online matches? lol

Ive had a bunch of people rage-quit on me and I can’t even tell you one of their network IDs. life’s too short to worry about this kind of shit.

goodluck dude.

gotta try. like I said if your down just let me know. I have about 10 pics right now. Been hard playing w/ finals going down.

I don’t know about the sorting issue that will be a problem I admit. Just gonna post em and if I retain a few names then thats better then nothing.

Also just knowing that the pictures are up and online feels like some kind of (weak) justice/consequence has happened and the universe as a whole as retained order and balance…lol