The Solution to the Country Problem (Canada & USA)


I’ve seen a few threads over in the steam forums about this problem, and I posted this over there as well, but figured I’d mention it here too to hopefully get it some more attention.

The issue applies to various countries, but most notably Canada. In Canada, our options of opponents are very limited - as we can only play other Canadians or the odd American that sets their country filter to all.

The easiest solution (that would also benefit people playing in the same country) would be to sort by ping. The country filter could even possibly taken off completely - when searching for a ranked match, just show players with the best ping #s. The country that someone is in doesn’t matter, distance and ping matters. I am much closer to many Americans than I am other Canadians. Not to mention everyone knows the red/yellow/green bars mean almost nothing, a player with yellow bars sometimes has a much better connection than someone with green bars - display the ping would be much more beneficial, let alone the ability to sort by it.

I’d imagine this is a big problem in European countries too, with so many smaller countries side-by-side.

Anyways, that is my take on it - something along those lines would make for a great solution. Please feel free to chip in if you have other/similar relevant ideas for this problem!


On Xbox 360 you can set your systems location, and it obviously doesn’t go by IP. I’m sure you could do the same thing on Steam and your “region: Same” would return American players only searching for US. Just don’t be a dick and join up on yellow connections if you do.


On Steam I think it does go by IP, I haven’t tried for myself but I’ve read that quite a few people have tried changing their region with no luck


I don’t find that I’m restricted to other canadians.
Instead, half of my matches are with players from overseas.
I think I might have seen an american flag once or twice.


I should really create a new account and set my region to America, it’s probably the reason why I have a hard time finding matches on PSN right now. I think it would be fair, I live 4 hours away from the USA and I play a lot of Americans from the east coast with almost no lag.


we should be able to change region by changing flag in steam profil, just like in Xbox or GFWL


The problem with that is that you may end up with people from Brazil setting their flag to American and having a bad connection still


well not only you would spot them by the ping bar ( when it get fixed ) but everyone is already doing it on other platform and everyone did it back in GFWL version, and still no such problem …


Either way it would be nice to have the ping instead of the inaccurate coloured bars, and yeah if you could switch your region that would be nice too, but they need some type of solution


ping will not happen unless its done on consoles too, they arnt allowed to add or remove stuff from the game, only to port it


Would be a great addition to consoles too IMO