The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.3-2012 Sonic 4: Episode 2

I swear if the City Escape isn’t done right for Modern…there will be hell to pay.

City Escape :tup:And did I just see Spagonia? I’m going to play the hell out of this game.

Please put Space Colony ARK in the game! :lovin:

In dedication, you must all listen to City Escape at least once per day.

footage of the 3DS Modern Sonic GHZ

Sonic Generations looks gdlke and will be gdlke you know I’m right. Somewhere right now Specs is crying while jerking off to these vids his world is shattered.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that both sonics deliver a great sense of speed without compromising actual platforming unlike the Dimps DS games…

If this game ends up sucking I blaming you personally Zoo.

I love how Sonic strikes the SA1 pose off his launch combo

EDIT: Another thing. No more S-Rank? Wtf?

City Escape modern gameplay:

City Escape classic gameplay:

Holy pimped out truck Batman!

tHAT SONg is so catchy =)

OMG the freaking truck was flying on the side of the building!? Duuuuuude. This game is making me hyped for sonic again!

I think I’m pretty much done with this now, it took me a while but until I see some Sonic Adventure 3 I’m stopping at Unleashed. That’s not to say this game looks bad though. (video is nothing new, just the Gamestop video showing off classic gameplay sonic just with the new version of ‘Escape from the City’ played live)

I have to say…
After seeing this specific video…

If you are a Sonic fan in anyway, stop, just stop right now. I’ve never raged at anything, ever before, until now.
I’m done with Sonic, fuck this shit, he will never have a good game in ever… FOREVER!!!

So I guess you thought Colors was bad since that was the last released Sonic game before this. But whatever, bye.

Yeah, the song sucks but I don’t care. I’m still buying it.

??? Uh~ ? I don’t get it. Didn’t see anything wrong with it.

The song is fucking horrible no doubt but that’s what custom sound tracks are for. The stage actually looks like fun.

Plus, mute the game, put City Escape from SA2 on your laptop or MP3 player, done.

pozerwolf is the new specs…carry on people

Who the fuck believed that a) “City Escape” and “classic Sonic” belong in the same sentence, b) Follow Me was a good song, or c) Follow Me warranted a modern remix? Nostalgia is an ugly ugly thing.

Any updates on Sonic Fan Remix or is that project dead?