The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.3-2012 Sonic 4: Episode 2

Continue the hype and hate

Sonic Generations is out, go cop…

Also, no Open World, thank you.

So to repeat what I wrote in the previous thread-

Sonic #225


Robotnik seems to have erased all of reality, and Sally’s dead…at least for this upcoming story arc


Thread didn’t have enough City Escape.

…fuck why did I click the toggle spoiler and I don’t have that issue yet? I knew Robotnik was serious when built another death egg. They didn’t have that issue at the comic store when I went by i just had 224. I’m prorbably gonna have to run by the comic store and pick that issue up.

Hey did you pick up the first issue of the Megaman comic? I think it’s started out pretty solid since i’m sure for the first few issues it’s going to cover the first MM game. If it gets as popular as Sonic they can make an X series spin off…which is what I’m hoping for.

Also people can breathe more easily for now since the rumored list I posted earlier was apparently made in the earlier stages of game development…like before they even polled any of the fans on what they wanted.

I can feel my hype building for E3 and Sonic Generations is part of the list of games that I really want to see more of…‘Yeeeeeesssss’ ~ Megatron

Old school Sonic FTW
Can’t wait:)

Old School Sonic is overrated. Modern Sonic was just tarnished by 06…and half of Unleashed.

Remember the good times, like the Sonic Adventures, or Colors.

None compare to the classic sega genesis.

shots fired Also fixed that a bit.

I need a new avatar…

Yeah, that’s right, I fired the shots. War bitches, bring it!

Yup, for a first issue the Megaman comic’s off to a good start =D I hope they don’t quickly rush or speed through the games to reach X, let them take their time with each game being 5-6 issues.

What poll are you talking about mate? Is it to decide which stages would make it to the game?

Those parody vids suck, but the part at the end we’re both sonics say “my own clone, now either of us will be virgins” made me laugh.

Don’t ask, I have no fuckin’ idea where I found this.

I don’t know where they’ve actually been asking people but I’ve only heard that they have been. At one point I believe there was some type of poll on the facebook page where they revealed the game.

wow…I can actually imagine a group of people just breaking out into song when they heard the music.

Modern Sonic>>Classic.

Fight me :cool:

I like both Sonics equally: Classic is cute (though his sprite is cool), Modern is cool…and cool =3

Heh just read Sonic Universe 28, next arc is gonna focus on [spoiler=]Scourge! Looking forward to it X3[/SPOILER]

Have any more stages been confirmed for generations? I saw a video for city escape earlier today.

Did someone say City Escape?!


Here’s the video.

Some pics.

I’m loving the look of 2d City Escape.