The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


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Sonic Forces has character creation! Ultimate platformer and greatest videogame ever created!

Well SA2 comes out tomorrow, I’ll be getting that battle expansion no questions asked.
Dat Chao racing!


god dammit. Too much shit coming out together >:o


Still want to see that Sonic 1 beta someday and those Sonic 2 beta levels officially someday too.


Okami HD comes out the end of the month, that game is legendary and embarrassingly this will be the first time I’m playing it.


how much is SA2 + battle expansion?


13 bucks total


Wow. I was expecting 20 dollars. Guess I will get it tomorrow.


I’m gonna be late on my SA2 revival…:frowning:

Save some City Escape for me guys!


You shall have no City Escape.




What does Battle expansion even add to Sonic adventure 2?


So did any of you cop Episode2? I don’t expect it to be radically different from S4E1 and the tails shit is dumb but it looked like it has better level design.


Sonic Adventure 2 and Battle DLC is now out on PSN. Nights is also out but the Christmas Nights content is included in the game, in other words no seperate DLC for nights.


Just as fun as I remembered. Battle dlc doesnt seem worth it unless you really love chao Karate.


Except the Tails/Eggman levels, you realize how bad and out of place they really are. You’d think in Eggman’s first appearance as a playable character you would be able to use his pod and attach it to an array of gizmos. I understand there are technical limitations but still. It gets worse when they copy and paste this gameplay for tails to cut development time. Why isn’t tails free flying? Then when you actually play these levels it’s an auto-aim fest with almost no other purpose. Auto-aim,shoot,mediocre platforming…I guess the amazing graphics and music fooled me when I was younger because these segments are some of the worst in Sonic history.

That being said…Sonic and Shadow’s levels are so hot that you still love the game. I also love Chao so I mean SA2 will always be one of my favourite games but damn those mech levels keep this game from being close to perfect. Now time to find those emeralds!!

The HD port is amazing and you can tell they used the gamecube version with the solid framerate,better textures,rain in Shadows level etc. Leaderboards seem to be up and running and there is a mini-doc once you beat the game just like JSR. The only flaw I can see from this port is the fact that the pre-rendered cinematics are in SD resolution aka the dreaded square box. Is it just me or does this game take more skill than I credit it for? Since it’s not as scripted as Sonic Generations you really have to time your homing attack combos and tricks just right and pay attention to speed and momentum while doing tricks or grinding.


Just beat Hero side. Tails and knuckles levels are still terrible.
Edit: Curious if they’re going to add more dlc for SA2 considering they went as far as adding a DLC option when playing the game.


I doubt it since SA2 Battle is pretty much the gamecube version aka nothing new.


I just played 40 minutes of the rerelease. Some things I’ve noticed…

-The camera and controls have been improved. You won’t bizarrely snap around corners or stutter off of rails or anything like that anymore. I haven’t gotten to the Final Chase gravity pillar bullshit yet, so I’ll see how that works out. The camera gives you a wider view of your surroundings and now when you manually move it it doesn’t swerve back in front of your character when you let go of your trigger. It doesn’t swerve around any more, except for the really tight corners in Tails’ stages.

-The game looks gorgeous in HD. Looks really crisp.

-Load times have been hugely reduced.


Man…i really dont want to get into a sonic game again but then again…LIVE AND LEARN!

Dat Crush40 soundtrack!

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