The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


I’m looking forward to getting home and playing some more of it. I played through four zones so far, but in Green Hill when I noticed the checkpoint you pass resets when you hit another checkpoint (there are two very close to each other), I ended up spending A LOT of time playing the blue sphere stages.

I don’t particularly like blue sphere either, I just wanted to see how many different stages they bothered to add in (which turns out to be a lot). Not sure if it’s the same amount as when you lock on a non-Sonic 2 or 3 cartridge with S&K, but it sure felt like it. I also don’t know if it’s even worth it to complete all the blue sphere stages.

-I like the game so far. The level design gives you a shit ton of routes and things to explore for replay value and very fun stage gimmicks. But I’m not a fan of the special stage format. It’s similar to the Sonic CD special stages, which I was bad at and found to be the most frustrating special stages out of all the Sonic games imo. These aren’t quite as frustrating, but still more annoying to control than the other special stages.

On Unlocks:

[details=Spoiler] I did unlock the Super Peel Out, Insta-shield and S&K mode, but it can only be used in the ‘No Save’ mode which is a bummer. Also you can only replace the drop dash with one of these two moves.
I was kind of hoping for an OD combination of all three moves that I can use whenever I want.[/details]


It coukd have been done honestly. Tap for insta shield, hold for drop dash and then just hold up and press for peelout.


Sonic Mania 2 suggestions in no particular order:

[] Increase acceleration a bit, more so for Sonic. This would be a controversial change for sure but it might make the game a bit more palatable for new players…
] Adjust sonics dropdash. The drop dash is a bit too weak as a special ability and has little utility outside of speedruns. Why not buff it? Make the dropdash have a faster initial speed boost? Have a trail of fire behind to make it more obvious something special is happening. Maybe there are special ramps that only Sonic can jump across with the dropdash…
[] Air-bubbles in underwater sections should spawn rapidly. You shouldn’t have to wait around for them to spawn.
] Buff shield abilities:
-Classic Shield - can absorb multiple hits, maybe 4? Maybe unflinchable too…
-Lightning - Unlimited jumps? Basically, a better version of Tails fly since you aren’t vulnerable from below.
-Flame - Double tap and hold to fire dash continuously. A better version of Knuckles glide since it goes in a straight line until you hit a wall.
-Water - Bounce creates a big splash that hits on both sides. Or something.
-[New Shield] Ghost - teleports player in any desired direction, can pass through certain walls/barriers.
[] Allow tails and knuckles to use shield abilities
] Add new partner abilities (activate by pressing a button):
-Tails - The classic flight assist.
-Knuckles - Grabs partner and chucks them like a football. You can choose which direction he throws you.
-Sonic - Grabs partner, does a peel out and then releases partner at full speed.
[] Put some warning signs ahead of hazards, especially in a high-speed section. In general, more telegraphing wouldn’t hurt…
] Maybe even pull out the camera the faster you go…
[] An optional “Noob” mode where there are no extra lives and you can continue from checkpoints indefinitely. Of course, keep the classic restart system and the “no save” option. Maybe noob mode can’t unlock the good ending or something…
] Add a 4th character (I vote for Mighty)
[*] 4 player Online multiplayer co-op and head2head modes.


The only thing I want for a sequel is more original zones. The original zones were all great and ooze creativity. Press Garden is my favorite of the new zones.


Mighty is the one character I would respect as a 4th Choice.

Shadow is literately a Fan Character that was adopted by Sega. So No.

Vector was supposed to be appearing in Sonic 1 as a character on the Sound Test Screen but he got cut and got revived in Knuckles Chaos
He okay but there are better choices

The few games Amy appears in she handles differently then any Sonic character and so it’s a break in the uniformity how every character plays

Cream No. Nothing against Cream but she offers nothing to the table game play wise, not even if she paired with her Chao pal Cheese.

No Blaze the Cat, Fat the Cat, Rouge the Bat, or any extra characters from the Adventures/ X games.

Nothing from Sonic SatAM, for Dear God No. There nothing here I want to see in a actual game. Thank you Archie Comics and good radiance.

Mighty is a respectable character, he didn’t appear in much but when he did appear he played his role well.
And Mighty is different enough to stand out from the Cast of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails but he similar enough to fit in the dynamic. He is a Armadillo so he a different species and thus can be given different attributes, as Sonic Tails & Knuckles all have their own attributes and abilities. I would make Mighty the Defense character the way Knuckles is Offense (Tails is mobility, Sonic is speed).
Also Out of all the characters choices Mighty is the only extra character that appears in a Genesis era game.


Whaaaat? Mania doesn’t even have THAT??!! which S3 introduced since back in the 90’s?

Sonic Mania: 1/10

I mean, you can’t even play as a cat in that game. wtf. it’s 2017.


^ Yeah ok you’re definitely not real.

We really don’t need hazards pointed out. If they put it in for those people who need it I’d prefer it as toggleable option. Shield absorbing multiple hits is overkill, you want that and the ability to not die so long as you hold on to one ring?



I sometimes wonder what kind of brain damage Assffinity has.


It’s in the game. It can only be done in co-op.


I seriously can’t tell if this is a troll list or not, Sonic games are easy enough for most of us who played the megadrive ones to have completed before we were even 10, most of these would make the game a freaking joke.

I do have one change I’d make though.

  • Going off the side of the screen after beating act 1 of the water level doesn’t freeze the game and force you to exit it and start the level again.

How that passed testing I’ll never know, just on my 3rd run though now, had to be the goddamn water level the game glitched on didn’t it.


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It’s called Sonic the Fucking Hedgehog, not Sonic the Cat, you dumb bitch.


I guess not.

You should try it though. Much less stressful.


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She is salty that SonicMania isn’t BubsyMania


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It sucks Mania doesn’t have a level select after clearing it. I want to want to play levels I haven’t found the special rings.


Uh, guys, Sonic CAN get a lift from tails, IN single player. While standing still, just hold up and press jump, then press it again and that’ll make Tails start to fly. Jump into him and once you latch on you can control Tails just like you would normally.

Btw, Blue Sphere bonus stage completion goes towards unlocking extras like sound test and some other minigame stuff

Spoiler for what unlocks

[details=Spoiler]right now I have sound test, puyo puyo as a separate game mode, and apparently once you finish all of them you unlock Blue Sphere as a game mode lol. I don’t know what happens if you get all gold medals though,
still working on that, but I’m halfway there [/details]


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Heads up regarding using tails to fly while using sonic. If you are trying to use Tails and you have a Fire Shield then you WILL jettison yourself in the process so be wary about that.