The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


^ Yeah ok you’re definitely not real.

We really don’t need hazards pointed out. If they put it in for those people who need it I’d prefer it as toggleable option. Shield absorbing multiple hits is overkill, you want that and the ability to not die so long as you hold on to one ring?



I sometimes wonder what kind of brain damage Assffinity has.


It’s in the game. It can only be done in co-op.


I seriously can’t tell if this is a troll list or not, Sonic games are easy enough for most of us who played the megadrive ones to have completed before we were even 10, most of these would make the game a freaking joke.

I do have one change I’d make though.

  • Going off the side of the screen after beating act 1 of the water level doesn’t freeze the game and force you to exit it and start the level again.

How that passed testing I’ll never know, just on my 3rd run though now, had to be the goddamn water level the game glitched on didn’t it.


Does anyone else just scroll past Darksakul and Affinity posts like I do?


It’s called Sonic the Fucking Hedgehog, not Sonic the Cat, you dumb bitch.


I guess not.

You should try it though. Much less stressful.


Honestly think chadouken is one of my favorite posters on srk.


She is salty that SonicMania isn’t BubsyMania


Po you shouldn’t be talking.


It sucks Mania doesn’t have a level select after clearing it. I want to want to play levels I haven’t found the special rings.


Uh, guys, Sonic CAN get a lift from tails, IN single player. While standing still, just hold up and press jump, then press it again and that’ll make Tails start to fly. Jump into him and once you latch on you can control Tails just like you would normally.

Btw, Blue Sphere bonus stage completion goes towards unlocking extras like sound test and some other minigame stuff

Spoiler for what unlocks

[details=Spoiler]right now I have sound test, puyo puyo as a separate game mode, and apparently once you finish all of them you unlock Blue Sphere as a game mode lol. I don’t know what happens if you get all gold medals though,
still working on that, but I’m halfway there [/details]


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Heads up regarding using tails to fly while using sonic. If you are trying to use Tails and you have a Fire Shield then you WILL jettison yourself in the process so be wary about that.


I’m currently doing my play through and this makes me sad. The level select was my favorite part of S3&K.

Also I was doing the blue sphere stages and I don’t know if its:

  1. the game is faster
  2. my aging more than 2 decades since S3&K
  3. maybe just playing on a modern TV with input lag (and not a CRT like in the old days)

but I’m doing WAY worse than I remember back on the genesis.


This does play a huge factor.
It’s why the retirement age of professional esport players tend to be 29 to 30 years of age.
You tend to lose that ability to get timing down first, especially if you are out of practice.


@Zazzarius @Hawkingbird

Mania DOES have level select after clearing the game once


I found it. Fuck, I was expecting a separate menu like in the old games.


After playing sonic 1-3K all week to prepare for this game, I realized that it definitely needs to be played on a low latency screen. Going from my megadrive on a crt to my ps4 on a hdtv is really fucking with me. Can’t turn worth a fuck in blue sphere. Lol


In S3&K it was always in the file select dude. Only the secret level selects were ever a separate menu