The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


I’m an old-school SEGA fanboy who is tired of hearing of Sonic, when so many great SEGA IPs could be explored instead. But that’s all SEGA really does anymore.

And not too long ago i heard talk of a Paramount pictures Sonic movie?! GTFO with this bullshit. IPs like Panzer Dragoon have 10x more movie potential than Sonic. Ultimately, it is SEGA’s fault for being known as a 1-trick Sonic pony, by having no faith in any of it’s other IPs.


Why are you in this thread?


Because i’m bored and this thread reminded me of the bullshit Sonic movie. As well as SEGA’s hubris.


Tell your friend to not quit his day job.


I have mixed feelings about this from a gamer and a game design perspective.


Good lord, this keeps getting worse and worse.

Skip this one and pick up Super Cloudbuilt for your boost-focused 3D platforming needs instead, kiddos.


Is Polygon ok to link here? I don’t really read their reviews but their Forces review is out, now they gave it a 5/10 and it can be summed as classic controls worse than mania, doesn’t shake things up formula/level design wise, and they said they didn’t like the boss fights, from what i get they play like Colors final boss or Shadow boss in gens.

But yeah the review itself isn’t really negative or positive to me, its more like “this game has issues, it isn’t bad but it def aiming more for the fanfic/Adenture era crowd story wise”

I’d copy and paste but there’s like some junk and photos that get caught up


It’s “ok” to link, but whether or not anyone will take it seriously is another matter.

I won’t. Lol


Yeah Polygon, IGN, and Gamespot are 3 sites who have null opinions to me regardless of whether i agree with them or not.

but yeah this review wasnt negative but wasnt meaty. usually reviews touch on everything like gameplay, sound and etc.

but they didnt really touch on much. review couldve been something they put together from watching


Polygon is not where I go if I want a in-depth review. This is the same place that thought Mania’s checkpoint system wasn’t forgiving enough.


yeah in this review they complained that rank is based on how fast you complete the level…and about not enough gender options for Avatars…


Not enough gender options? Uh…This is an E - E10 rated game right?


It’s E10. No developer will put that in a kids game.


Fuckin polygon…


I didn’t see anything regarding avatar gender options in the review, so I’m not sure where he’s getting that from.


hold on LOL. someone sent me a screenshot showing they followed up on the review in the couldve been trolling me. im gonna look in the comments to see if polygon posted in there. motherfucker playin games because he knew i was excited for it

EDIT: Screenshot was bogus smh. Polygon did follow up in the comments but it was just them saying they didnt know about day 1 patch and that the patch wont change the reviewers opinion


Beware of fake news, kiddos.


My not wanting to click the article unfortunately led me into the fake news trap. Always gotta check the sources…

Sad though that I totally bought that it was something Polygon would do though…


Early impressions of Forces from Gamexplain


TSSZ posted their review for Forces. They gave it a 2/5. Their cons were they felt it controlled bad, level design, new gameplay structure(there’s no lives but how fast you beat the stage, and amount of retries affect score), also said the game itself just doesn’t feel cohesive due to the 4 diff playstyles.

Pros were pretty much the amount of fanservice in the game. What I get from the review is if you cant accept a bad-average Sonic game depending on who you are + fanservice you’ll like it. If the fanservice can’t win you over then you may not like it?

Idk but this aligns with other impressions i’ve seen for the game, and now i see why early copy people said it will be divisive, its really seems more of a story focused game. But I’m sure I’ll personally like it, I’m not too critical of games. But yeah opinions are all over the place with this one. The only early copy guy who had an overall positive opinion and says this game is equal to generation for him is a dude who said the personally strikes a chord with him due to its presentation tone and etc, but he says he does feel level design is a step back, but its made up for it with presentation and etc.

Gonna watch GameXplains vid, but whew. I will say one thing I noticed is that people are more or less judging this on it’s own, they only compare it to other boost games for reference and arent pulling that card acting like the game is another 06 or the "Sonic was never good’ stuff, so i think the impressions i’m seeing are mostly unbiased aside from people who just expected more which is fair