The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


Infinite is as disappointing as that “other” Infinite…

This dude is Broly minus all of the cool shit.


DF Sonic Forces comparison


So I got Forces and I can give you guys some quick impressions.

Pros: Good music, fun to play, good to see the cast back and etc, Infinte def harkens back to those edgy Sonic days LOL, fun presentation.

Cons: Classic definitely feels shoehorned in, even the reason why he’s in from a story perspective is >_>. Modern and Avatar do feel weird to control, im not sure how to explain but Modern feels heavy on the ground? and Avatar is kinda slippery, it hasn’t been affecting my experience personally but yeah idk how to put my finger on it. Stages are definitely short. Most run from 2-3 minutes, and its weird because, i was playing Generatinos the week before this and some stages for modern are about 3 min if you beat them fast, but they still felt longer. Like in this one, the stages end at what feels like should be halfway or 3/4 point. There’s one level in particular that is so short its like wtf, but it IS an early stage so idk, still kinda unexcusable.

I’d also say another flaw is 3d stages having 2d sections, its not as abundant as it was in Colors, but i’d take longer full 3d levels over short hybrid ones. The game is also short, I’m about halfway through it, i’d say its about as long as Generations? The length can be extended if you wanna do all red rings, and do the little objectives to unlock Gear but overall not a long game, im about halfway done.

I think stage design could be better too. Its very weird because if this game had Generations quality stage design i think the game would be great, but right now its just good/decent to me. Then again i heard SEGA got new blood to handle stage design in this one and im not sure why. So far as a 3d boost game i’d put it maybe in 2nd place? below Generations but above Colors. I can’t really include unleashed in the mix because im literally split on that game, but if i were to judge Unleashed strictly off its day stages, i’d put that 2nd and this 3rd.

So yeah, so far the game is cool, but i think the reason why some people who even like the game are being a bit more harsh is because they definitely know SEGA could’ve did better since in regards to modern gameplay they hit the bullseyes with Unleashed day stages and Gens modern stages so they set their own standard, and just barely missed it with this one. I’m gonna finish the game today and see if my overall opinon changes, but so far i like the game



PC Version had some launch issues. I’ll peep the reviews though to see if they are about the game itself or technical issues.

So I finished Forces and can give more complete thoughts, some of this may be rehashed. But i’ll do cons first.

So the level design and stage length really hurt. The levels aren’t really interactive, and what I mean by that is i feel there isn’t enough platforming? or hell even enough incentive to bust some enemies with homing attack. They just don’t feel engaging, and this is weird coming Generations which had fun 3d stages, but in this one it seems like they took the idea of Sonic being a runner too literal? I honestly wanna blame this on Classic Sonic being in, i feel him taking up resources definitely impacted modern and Avatar, because a lot of the 3d stages end at so early, that it legit feels like they didn’t have time to finish them kinda. And Classic himself doesn’t have fun stages, nor is he relevant to the story at all, so you can tell he was shoved to bait classic fans.

There some levels that shine imo, stages 24 and 26 are fun to me. Stage 26 made me feel like ok this is how 3d Sonic stages should be, but its SOOOOOOO short so its like WTF Sega, an stage 24 is cool too because i found it fun, and the level itself is hype. But overall the stages in this game aren’t too memorable. For example in SA2 i can think about Metal Harbor or etc, and be like damn that level is fun, i remember it and wanna play it. But in this game it doesn’t strike that type of chord, and it’s because the levels dont’ feel too varied outside of scenery. It almost feels like if the game was delayed to flesh out levels this would’ve been better.

Music is take it or leave it. I liked the Avatar music, one classic stage theme, and some of Modern sonic’s themes. But the issue with some of the tracks isn’t the music itself, but the instruments used, lots of synth, that’s not bad but they feel weak? like the music doesn’t hit as hard, and it’s weird since Ohtani is a long time composer. The OST also doesn’t really have a direction i feel, i like the music, but it doesn’t feel as cohesive. Like Adventure 1&2 had varied music that were kind assigned to charactes but the overall OSTs were cohesive. I think music will definitely be a mixed back, some strong tracks, some forgettable ones.

Story was entertaining to me, there a few things that let me down, which i wont say due to spoilers. But the overall tone of the game feels like playing through an arc of the satAM show. It was almost to the point where i like Sally would fit right in as just the cast of this game. But aside from that its normal sonic stuff, just about war in a sense. I enjoyed the tone, and liked how it was especially in the like maybe 8 stages or so.

In terms of controls, classic is alright, doesn’t feel as good as Mania, but he doesn’t feel awful either, again because i was so tuned out during his stage i didn’t really care to assess him, i was just trying to get them done lol. Modern and Avatar control similar, but avatar feels jank, especially during 2d segments. Modern feels jank too but a bit more comfortable, but not smooth either, just alright. It’s like a certain jank that you instantly recognize and adjust to, which is also weird because this might be the jankiest that sonic has controls, and i’m talking strictly for areas where you can full walk around.

But overal I do like the game. I feel that if this was the 1st boost game, that people would like it a lot, because it shows potential so you’d think “wow sega has some groundwork, they’ll nail it next time” but this is the 4th boost game and its a noticeable step back in execution. So i think in this sense that’s why people are being a bit more harsh on it, which is fair. I just hope Sega can see, next game just make a full 3d boost game that’s IF they wanna keep doing boost, if not just go back to the format of Adventure 1 and 06. Hell Adventure 1 had multiple playable characters and at the time it was executed well, yet in this one there’s only 3 with 2 that play similar and they kinda fumbled. But i just hope the next game is good, what sega needs to do is stop pandering to 2d fans in 3d games. It was fine in Gens, but it really bogged this game down. This is definitely a “you gotta play and see for yourself” type of game


if I had to get through 25 levels just to start having fun


Did you play the Episode Shadow content?


Pretty sure a good number of the negative reviews are because of Denuvo.

EDIT: And the crashing. Apparently, it’s a big enough issue that Sega’s already got a patch out.


lmfao i dont mean that’s when the fun starts, i just mean 24 in particular had hype to it, due to the music, and events of the levels. 26 had more interactivity due to lots of enemies. Tbh i wonder if these levels were placed out of order…there’s not sense of progression in them kinda. Like you know a 1st level is easy, then middle is normal, end game is hard, it doesn’t have that stuff. its just all over the place. But yeah like i said i can’t recommend this game beyond only if you wanna see for yourself. I wonder what was SEGA thinking, idk if it was higher ups at SEGA or Iizuka, because more memorable fun stages, would’ve easily helped this game a lot. In fact people who are nitpicking are able to do so because the stages aren’t engaging enough for you to overlook whats jank in the game.

Yeah I did. 3 short levels, i will say shadow controls the best in the game…idk if its because you know how he skates instead of runs or what. im gonna play more as him to see what it is. His DLC does also explain who Infinite is and why he’s back, and the backstory is garbage. I know for a fact there’s another backstory like this in like anime or somewhere but i can’t think of a character. But the game would’ve been better off picking a fan theory.

Sigh man though this game. I feel almost betrayed. And its weird because i can’t even say SEGA sucks now or etc, because Sonic is the ONLY IP that they do goofy shit with, when they have TWO formulas that work in 3d, the Adventure 1/06 format and boost, and both of this can be done together. But it’s like they play dumb. And i do blame some of this on the hostile fanbase, but also SEGA should know better. All they had to do was atleast make the stages Gens quality and that’s it man. Fuck


where do I begin, im not one for long paragraphs


I give the game a 5 out of 10, the controls are either really bad or extra sensitive because ive died on just trying to clear a jump to a platform. I like the avatar creator, lots of variety, why wasn’t there a chaos boss fight? the music is really bad; only about three songs sound good and unfortunately they are the ones with singing. story plot holes; what the hell is infinite? I know eggman “created” him but what animal is he suppose to be, a skunk? I do like the post game content all of missions but it gets tiresome since this game only has 6 unique stages (nearly all the “stages” end in under 3 minutes. Episode Shadow was ok for what it was; it did its job. I advise if anyone is playing for the first time to play that then the main game since its a prequel) it could have been better, much better

also ran into an interesting glitch, I boosted off the stage by accident during a turn just before a in-stage cutscene and apparently the model for sonic is pre-loaded once it starts since I could see me fly off the screen from the camera and then the pre-loaded sonic began to run lol. It happened in that sky sanctuary looking stage


Yeah I was planning on at least just cancelling the Switch version and just picking up the PS4 version but the impressions from you guys and in combination from a good friend of mine who described his time with it has me deciding that I shouldn’t be giving Sega money for this game even at $40. I’m sure a used copy will find it’s way in a store and I’ll try it then. SMH.


Sonic Team had a solid formula and engine with Generations, yet they still decided to Sega it up and break what didn’t need fixing.

At least the menus and UI look good…


Nintendoes what Segadon’t


I couldn’t stop my brother from buying the game, so I got to play it on his dime.

The game has pretty much every weakness that I thought it was going to have based on pre-release stuff, especially with the level design. They’re incredibly on-rails and auto-pilot most of the time; too much of an emphasis is put on spectacle over actual gameplay, often with actual cutscenes during the level. Modern Sonic is missing quite a few moves from Generations and overall feels less fun to handle. The Avatar feels like a jankier version of Modern Sonic with even more autopilot level design. Classic Sonic feels alright, but he doesn’t really need to be here. There’s also a bit of minutia that bugs me here or there that I may go into later.

From the very beginning, the story lacks any sort of emotional weight. An event that should be a major catastrophe is immediately resolved by the second level without much fanfare. Most of the supporting cast is present, but so far they haven’t done much other than be talking heads in mission control. Overall, the presentation of the game does a really poor job at selling me on the fact that this is a world at war, no matter how much they try to get Colonel Mustang to tell me otherwise.

The music is pretty neat, in a sort of cheesy Sonic Adventure kind of way.

If you can mooch off of a friend or relative, I’d play it that way. Otherwise, just buy Super Cloudbuilt instead. Actually, just buy Super Cloudbuilt regardless.


Guess I’ll pass on getting Sonic Forces as well. Sheesh…


Wanted to drop in with some updated opinions, and for anyone curious about what animal Infinite is, he’s a jackal.

But yeah, i still have my issues with the game, and after spending more time with it, i still have my gripes. The only things I think that can be fixed via patch is controls and physics. I know the 2d platforming for Avatar is whew…there’s an easy platforming section in Guardian Rock(Green Hill) that i was dying on because his jumping is so stiff.

But yeah I will say ONE thing I do like in regards to the stage length, and design is that it does make it more easier and fun to replay levels for red rings and etc, atleast imo. I know in Colors i just couldn’t bother, and didnt bother in Generations either, although this could change for Generations since i’ve playing it again on PC.

Still confused at what happened at SEGA, because in my head im thinking they can do better next time, but it feels weird to say that because when they’ve already proved with 3 games that they can pull off this modern boost sonic. and the statement “they can do better next time” is something you say when a game brings in a new concept or something, nothing here is new besides Avatar and gameplay wise he’s not new, in the sense that we’ve had other non-Sonic playable that were a bit different.

I just wonder how did the game regress in such a way. This isn’t a case where like for the Rush games, I love Rush and dont think Rush Adventure is as good as Rush, but nor do I feel it was a step back. Its about the same, just Rush has some stuff that hits me harder. I dont feel this way about about Gens and Forces where in this there is a noticeable backwards step and a half.

I’m still having fun replaying stages for rings for as long as that’ll last me, and i’ve seen others say that its about the most fun thing about the game, so i guess it has that going for it. I just really wish i knew what happened at SEGA and Sonic Team. I’ve heard some stuff that apparently SEGA Europe and SEGA USA were against the Avatar, and that the initial game was gonna be a big focus on Avatar+Sonic which makes sense since as I said Classic is there for no reason, and shit even the fuckin Fist Bump lyrics are about Avatar and Sonic working together. But yeah i heard some business related meddlings happened. Idk if that’s true or just people spreading rumors, because people say this stuff anytime a game has a misstep.

But for you guys on the fence, I can only recommend if you are THAT curious to see how good or bad it is to you. I’ve actually been down about this man. Just reflecting on mainline modern 3d Sonic, none of them are “bad” they just have some type of anchor on them that stops them from being what they should be. 06 not having QA done, Unleashed having werehog and medal collecting, Colors having TOO much 2D sections to where it was intrusive, Lost World being an experiment, and I guess Generations is the outlier here, and then you have Forces which suffers from just feeling like Sega didn’t care to put that full effort in. I think they figured the game would sell off the bases that structurally its Generations with create a character, not to mention the story hyping and showing off old feelings, i think they had so much faith in that stuff to sell alone that they decided to half ass it.

Again Sonic Team isn’t a trash company, they just been bonked on the head since 06 and seem to still be in a state of confusion, and these games are feeling too much like “will the fanbase like this?” instead of them just trying to make an overall good fuckin game without worrying so much about angering that vocal minority that’s gonna keep on hating regardless


the 1.01 version leads me to believe more updates and patches are planned in the future, maybe an Episode Silver or Knuckles; if sega can clean up the controls and fix bugs (mainly the homing attack and jump bugs) then the game can earn a solid 7


I checked the current patch notes, there is support for super sonic so maybe after I compete the side missions an extra final mission will pop up


Dunkey played sonic forces


Unpopular opinion to be sure, but I’m really enjoying Sonic Forces. With all the negativity surrounding it, I feared I wouldn’t like the game, but to my surprise, I’m digging it.

One of the things people get upset over was that stages appeared liner. I’ve spotted multiple paths as Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic as well as the Avatar. If you want those red medals, you’re gonna have to explore the stages. I’m having a lot of fun replaying stages. Escaping the Death Egg as Modern Sonic in particular was a lot of fun. Despite Classic Sonic’s somewhat stiff controls, he’s fun, too.

I know the custom character has gotten a tone of hate thanks to Deviant Art, but I’m having a lot of fun unlocking stuff to outfit mine with. I went with a rabbit. I know a rabbit with a bow tie was one of the rejected ideas when they were coming up with Sonic way back when. I think i might be able to recreate him. Just have to find more custom items.

I kinda feel like I’m supposed to hate this game or think it’s awful but I don’t regret my purchase or time spent with it. Guess I’m one of those weirdos.


It seems that only the Switch version of the game has a black friday deal. I wanted the PS4 version for $25.