The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


Nah despite it’s issues im having fun with it too, its just underwhelming in terms of what i was expecting. Even on other forums and etc, people are calming down. They dont think the game is amazing, but they do agree its a weird and confusing backwards step. Its really not a bad game just ok. I still replay levels looking for red rings and etc. If the automation was tuned down and etc i think people would be less harsh. Also thing being the big game after 4 years since Lost World, everyone had big expecations, and I’m not saying people should lower their standards, but i understand why some people are underwhelmed.

I still think its something hard for me recommend since idk how lenient people are with their games, but all the youtubers and etc acting like the game is just absolute dog shit are def feeding into that negativity pool on purpose. I still think at the very worse the game is “ok”, “alright”. But I still think its very fun for some reason. I’m even seeing people who dont like the game that much still go for 100% because despite their issues they find it fun. I think after a bit of time has passed that the fanbase atleast will have a better consensus opinion.


I’ll wait it out to get Forces. I’m in no rush to play it if it’s just “ok” and sounds like a regression in the formula. The OC thing is still very off-putting to me and I wish it wasn’t there (tbh I would’ve went with a Sonic clone too like Dunkey did). I’m a big fan of the series, but for once I would like Sonic Team themselves to develop a modern Sonic game that cuts out the fluff and gimmicks to give me the gameplay I enjoy the most. Generations and day-time Unleashed was the closest to this, but I want it to be completely new zones and not the revisiting of old zones again.

…I do not like wisps in gameplay.


according to the sonic forces comic, infinite is suppose to be a jackal and was apart of some operation to raid eggman’s base but got captured; so eggman didn’t create infinite but I didnt read it any further from that. Also super sonic will apparently be patched in since his files are in the game but the model is not; so we know that some DLC is coming to the game through data mining including a rumored versus mode

im getting S ranks for free, the struggle was real in sonic adventure 2 for A’s



Sonic Twitter still the best thing about modern Sonic.


Sonic Team needs a completely new staff.

It doesn’t make ANY sense why we are still getting mediocre 3D Sonic games to this day.


Avatar is not necessary. Why put a character in there that no one cares about. It reminds me of the werehog character from sonic unleashed. No one asked for it… We just need sonic, that’s it. I don’t like the pacing, and I feel that the levels are too short. Sonic Team needs to retire this series now. Sega in general has been a disappointment for a while. Their big franchises are either falling apart like sonic or non-existent (VF).
I feel very disappointed playing this game. It doesn’t give me that “feel good” feeling I had from previous games, especially sonic generations, which did the 3d sonic the best IMO. The only good thing about this game is the low price, but I guess you get what you paid for.


Try telling that to DeviantArt.


If this game is even moderately successful, it’ll be thanks to DeviantArt.

I am not kidding.


I think Sonic Team needs some fresh talent in their team. It feel like they are creatively bankrupt at this point and they are going through the motions with Forces. They need a break from making Sonic games.


It’s possible that the reason the level design is so lackluster in Forces is because the designers are new.



I think with Forces they either hit a wall, or it is due to them putting new dudes on the game which I dont get…the game is still fun. But something about it isn’t hitting, and I think it really might just be the levels. I still can remember some stuff from Colors, and etc. But even though I’m playing Forces daily so far to do some post game, i’m still not really remembering levels if that makes sense.

So yeah I think they hit a wall or just figured the game the game will do good off the basis of Classic is back, OC, and return of villains, because the game kinda feels like they did JUST enough to where its not bad but not great either on purpose. And some of the story events also make it seem like they were hoping marketing would carry the game.

I still personally want them to go back to SA1/06 structure. It sucks that 06 turned out how it did, because all SEGA needed to do was delay the game so the devs can finish doing their fuckin QA. I just don’t get how corporate heads can sit and actually give an order to release a game regardless of its polished or not. I wonder if SEGA is scared to go back to that structure due to 06.

I love this franchise, but I’m not sure whats going on with Sonic Team. Idk if its just Iizuka himself, the whole team, or what. The solution i see a lot of people saying are to get rid of boost, saying its hard to make good levels based around boost mechanic



ST needs to just let Sonic rest for like 5 years.

Sega been going ham in other series lately. They don’t need to pump out a new sonic every other year to make ends meet.


ST already let Sonic rest at least on their end. Forces comes four years after Lost World.


I havnt played it, so take this with a grain of salt, but watching someone else play through the game, personally I kinda just felt like you know what. The game is for kids. What are you gonna do? Its not a game aimed at adults. Its a game for little kids, people are dressing up their characters as little furries. Most adults probably dont give a fuck about that stuff. So its hard for me to even be to harsh on it because its so blatantly obvious that again the same thing I kept repeating to myself while watching someone do a play through of this game. Its not meant for me for young daddy mode dudes like me. Which is kinda sad but meh~ thats life I guess

Maybe one day theyll make a sonic adventure 3 or something. I still think those first 2 games all though kinda weird and wonky in their own way. Were still fun and I dont regret playing them.


This is actually a fair way to put it actually. I could see kids having loads of fun with this, because as someone who is older and views games a little more critically we’d find more faults in it. It’s also just weird since a lot of the marketing revolved around Sonic’s friends being back as well as Chaos, and I dont think kids know Silver, the Chaotix, and Chaos. But yeah this is a fair way to put it tbh.

Just wonder how the game will sell. Idk if theres been tv ads or etc for it


The “it’s for kids, it doesn’t have to be good” argument is one of my most hated talking points for media, because it implies that kids aren’t worthy of quality products.


They aren’t.


wasnt saying it to imply it doesnt have to be “good” it was to imply it being nonsensical, stupid, and weird if you will. It doesnt have to be ‘deep’ or complicated mechanic wise either. Like say the examples of this game of bad guys dont even attack you half the time. Well the game is for kids there. Is that pretty stupid… ya it is… but you know what. A kid probably just wants to go fast, play as his little furry dude and feel like he is one of sonics friends. So what are you gonna do. Maybe logically we think a bad guy should attack us, but for this game, maybe just certain bad guys are “obstacles” for you to run fast through I dunno. Again watching the game I was just like you know what this game isnt meant for me. It clearly had a different audience in mind, ya I know there are some wonky physics and other things. And im not saying they arent bad. But in general that was my vibe i had for the game.