The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


Its not saying that, just some of the design choices make the game very easy to the point where it seems its geared more towards younger audience. Think of how when you were a kid, there may have been some games that were legit shitty that you enjoyed, because you were looking for nothing more than to be entertained, as opposed to now you look at controls, story, and etc. I think he’s just saying that kids would receive this better than we would, and i think that can be said for other games too.

But Sonic has always been geared at kids so…and there’s people who liked Adventure games or etc as kids, but would probably think they are shitty now if they played them because they will see whatever noticeable flaws are there


Every Sonic game is a kids game so that argument doesn’t hold water for me.


If you go back and play Adventure 1&2 you’ll see they aren’t that good either. Like solid 5’s. Sonic style stuff is fun and thats about it in those games. Sonic only constitutes like 50% of the game in those games to.


You know what’s also a game that’s E for everyone and is actually really good? Sonic Mania. We don’t even need the plumber this go around to end the ‘its made for kids’ copout.


I felt Adventure was a good tech demo for the Dreamcast, but it lack that je ne sais quoi that made Sonic in the Genesis era great


I wouldn’t call it a tech demo at all, I’d just say a lot of its ideas werent as compelling as they could have been.


make systems?


thought sonic forces was coming out next year wtf


And good games apparently, aside from some titles like Yakuza series.
Sega pretty much screwed the pooch on all their Older IP, and all their Genesis era and older IP would be considered abandoned if they didn’t occasionally release collections of their old stuff.



Well I admit when the Dreamcast was new, and playing that Sonic Adv demo in stores was visually impressive, that whole running under a whale that’s jumping over seen was cool
It lacked substance. Furthermore even though It’s a Sonic game you play Sonic for at or less than 50% of the time.


Now with 100% more Sanic.


sonic boom metal sonic vs. shadow and sonic


Why the EFF is Sonic Boom on Boomerang? I think the show could do well on CN if they didn’t air at at ungodly hours. Oh, wait. Sonic Boom isn’t a CN original NVM.

Classic Sonic got the shaft music wise in a few of his stages, but not in Ghost Town. Beat is FIRE. This is Naofumi Hataya’s baby. No surprise it is so good. He wrote some sick Genesis tunes.


Sonic Boom was on CN and Boomerang and then they switched it to just Boomerang mid season 1 for some reason. The show has only been getting better so I don’t know what the deal is.


CN probably didn’t want the show to get in the way of airing more Teen Titans Go.


Yeah gotta make room to air 500 episodes of TTGO a day.


Y’all joking, but that’s exactly what the CN suits are doing.


Started SA1 replay. Still fun to me, I’ll back to SA2 once i feel like dealing with Meteor Herd lol. One thing I think that SA1 does better than 2 is music, i think the placement of songs is really well done.


Pumpkin Hill and Aquatic Mine alone puts SA2 music ahead of SA1 imo.


I def feel that. I think both OSTs are good, they feel like 2 halfs of a single project sorta. Since they both had the same direction i feel with it being varied, a character having a song/music genre attaached to them and etc. But I’d say that SA2 is a bit more varied, 1 is still mostly rock