The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


Pumpkin Hill…yuuuuck. that shit is fucking terrible.


Oh hey, another Sonic game I was looking forward to being bad. Yaaayyy.


Sonic Forces only had 3 level designers, none of them had much experience. Check the 12:14 mark.


I don’t . . . consider that as a valid excuse.


That is not much of an excuse knowing Sega’s long history as a company.
You expect a Video game company that been around in some form or another since the 1950s to have some idea how to pass on knowledge and experience.
And you don’t get a first timer go into major project on their own.


Off topic, that makes me worried about USUM, since that’s being handled by new staff as well.

At least we have Sonic Mania.


Sun and Moon were handled by mostly new staff, as well as X/Y.

The difference is GameFreak lets the new guys cut their teeth working under the experienced staff before putting them in charge.


I dont think anyone is saying it is an excuse…just an explanation for that particular part of the game.


Idk what happened to SEGA/Sonic Team after 06. I do know that they did split Sonic Team into an A Team, B Team and etc, but it seems after 06, they just gotta trigger happy with experiments, the storybook games(i’ll give a little slack since those are spinoffs where experiementing is ok), werehog in unleashed, the weird 2d platforming + wisps in colors, and lost world. If you look at Adventure-06, they all kinda had a similar mold. Yeah Heroes was the experimental game with the team based gameplay, and but aside from that it still played normal, and the team thing wasn’t really a gimmick imo. But yeah idk, i feel they are either too pressed to experiment or are just stuck with throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Because Sonic is like the only SEGA IP that has been flip flopping so its like wtf dude. When I say they need to go back to Adventure games, i dont mean it needs to legit be an “Adventure 3” but just put some damn effort in making a whole heartedly good game instead of trying to appeal, or seeing “if we do this, is it ok” and etc. Because that’s the feeling i get from them. Especially with a recent interview where they said Classic is in Forces because people liked him being in Generations, they don’t get that Classic was absent for a long time, and people were happy to see him back in an anniversary game, people like Classic games not him as a character to the point where you can slap him in anything and people are gonna flock. That was a one time thing with Gens


I like Pumpkin Hill, but then, I find Sonic vocal tracks in general to be cheesy. But the good kind of cheese.

SEGA as a whole used to be a very experimental company and would give their other IPs plenty of love. Panzer Dragoon, Shinobi, Jet Set Radio, House of the Dead. Now? Only Sonic and Yakuza get attention. And even now, it seems like they are scared to take chances with Sonic, hence Classic Sonic being in Forces. That’s the thing about taking risks and chances: they don’t always work. I don’t just mean that for Sonic games but for SEGA IPs in general. Like, one reason we aren’t getting a new F-ZERO is because GX bombed sales wise, which is a shame because as many times as that game busted my balls, it was so awesome. The other reason is because Miyamoto wants to find a new control scheme for the game. I have great respect for the man, but not every single game has to have some special control.

I find it interesting that IGN gave Forces a 6.9. Didn’t they score Lost World and Unleashed lower than that?


Miyamoto does seem to e a bit obsessed with forced “Innovation”

With that said I do miss when most had their own control schemes an shit and experiemented with control set ups an shit. I am a firm believe that Triangle in an action game makes a fantastic jump button but would never have learned that without DMC1 experiemtning and putting jump there.


@Little_Goten @Darksakul Definitely not an excuse, just an explanation for why the level design is like this:


What’s worrying is that it seems that they may have not even had enough confidence in the old team members that they just up and decided to give it to the new guys.


interesting. I actually have a friend who can’t finish DMC1 because he says he can’t adjust to triangle being the jump button. I’m like it takes 2 min to adjust lol.


Yea I laugh in the face of anyone who tells me they can’t adjust to Triangle as jump. You’re weak!!!

Or young enough to have grown up in the last 2 generations where everything plays the fucking same lol.


That last part is one of the most annoying parts of gaming outside of DLC/lootbox/season pass nonsense.

No one outside of Nintendo tries new shit with control schemes anymore.


Sonic Adventure 2 for DC/PS2 was a pretty decent and all-around solid title.


Naw those robot levels are aaaaassssssssssssssss, and I’m personally not a fan of the Knux/Rouge treasure hunts, they aren’t fun, they are boring as hell, and the size of the levels is way to fucking big. Only Sonic and Shadow are fun to play and they account for about 50% of the game. So a solid 5. Average at best.


The racing was fun also. 5 is bad to me. No way in hell I can ever call that game bad. It’s good not great. Generations was great



Yea racing in SA2 Battle was pretty fun.