The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


As a guy who absolutely loves SA2: that game was so fucking bad. Lol.


I never understood where SA2 is bad comes from. I understand not not liking the hunting and/or mech levels but those themself still functioned right. would the game still be bad if it was only Sonic and Shadow stages?


Sonic Mania Remixed album. It’s $10 to download but as always, you can listen to it via Bandcamp free. I’m not feeling every track but the there are some good remixes here. The Metal Sonic Remix theme is cool.


It would be a lot better if it was.

While Treasure Hunting and Meching are mechanically sound, they have other biogger issues. The level design during the mech levels tends to be pretty terrible, and the gameplay is extremely shallow, just hold the lock on button, and jump every now and then, on and get used to the loud as hell whine noise it makes when you lock onto enemies, you’ll be listening to it a lot.

Treasure Hunting just isn’t compelling imo, it’s just Hot N Cold over and over, I think these stages would have worked better if they had mixed the objectives up, I personally find it rather telling that during the last section of the game inside Ark Knucks and Rouge suddenly become fun to play because they have an actual goal to reach and level design tailored around that goal and their abilities. They focused and challenging and well designed. Their normal stages just tend to be “Throw big floating objects into huge sky boxes, that’s good enough” but toss them in a level designed to take advantage of their skill set and gives them a legit goal and they become quite fun to play. This is definitely a case of the mechanics themselves being rather good, but the things they have you doing are not. They are dull and boring and feel phoned in. Also ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding like fuck, makes me wanna put a gun in my ears so I don’t have to listen to it lol and it just dings faster the closer you get to the objective making it even more annoying! lol

These are my opinions of course, you’re free to feel differently. Sonic and Shadows stages have simple to understand goals with good options on how to get to those goals and good level design and battle mechanics to aid you in reaching that goal. There’s no obnoxious repetitive sound effects like the lock on whine (it’s legit a whine, not a beep just a single note whine) or the Hot n Cold ding to drive you nuts with, or over power the usually really good music with, they are just much better content then the other characters.


Yeah that’s fair, im not a big fan of the hunting stages, but I don’t dislike them either. I know i repeated it in this thread a lot, but for the most part I enjoyed Knuckles stages minus Meteor Herd, i found them fun and the music helped. But I do agree that hunting stages having some other objectives would’ve prob made them more accepted. I like the mech stages though, but i would’ve liked them to be more challenging, like if the gameplay was more mech shooter-ish and not just locking on.

Still love SA2 though I can see people’s issues with it. I just like people to elaborate because sometimes people make it seem like the game is legit terrible when their issues are pretty much the same ones you have lol


So basically just about every song was run through a “generic 2010’s EDM, let’s drop the bass” filter.


You’re always welcome to ask me to elaborate, 99% of the time I will be extremely happy to, love talking games. Think the only game I wont elaborate on my dislike for anymore is DmC because I’ve done it enough in that games thread, you can just go there to read it and I’m just over talking about it these days lol.

I think the games a solid 5 if we where to use a number scale. It’s completely average. It’s not bad, it’s not great, just good. Average. Middle road. I like it, but there’s a lot I don’t like. I think Sonic Team can do far more interesting and compelling things with both Knuckles and Tails, and they don’t even have to stray too far from what they actually did. Making the Tails Mech stuff have a far heavier emphasis on shooting would have been a good idea. I’d say nix the majority of the platfomring and make the game more about shooting and mob managment would have been great. Keep the lock on but get rid of that horrible lock on noise but give it some kind of draw back to make normal shooting a worthwhile option and you’d have something that could have some merit. As it stands it’s mostly just pedestrian platforming imo. Also do things that make sense, instead of having Tails do some wack high way race chase thing (considering Segas exp with racers I am baffled at how dull this sections are) and make a Star Fox-ish type air combat stage instead, that’s more in line with Tails MO, would be more fun then some dull dr4iving, and would make use of the Tornado 2s Mech/plane hybrid transformation in a neat way that helps emphasis tails character as a mechanic and inventor.

Knux, just put more time into his levels and give him something more compelling to do then just hunt Emeralds. Dude needs more to do then that, his whole section of the game feels complelty out sync with what everyone else in the game is doing and why. He should be there as part of the team at this point, not someone who just happens to be doing things that line up with the heros goals. This would give incentive for level design that feel congruous to what the team is doing (Game was Light/Dark Teams), and he would have more interesting objectives, have him do things that important that only he can really do due to his ability to glide and climb just about any surface.

But more then anything get rid of those awful sound effects lol, nothing should be covering up this awesome music with such horrible noises.


I love all the character mechanics in the game, that’s not my issue with it.

The voice acting is abhorrent, the music is always louder than the dialogue and it’s hilarious, some of the stage designs tend to get you killed through no fault of your own, there wasn’t enough Sonic/Shadow levels, the story was nonsensical (even for Sonic games), the treasure hunt levels in space were a fucking chore, all the secret stuff was behind a mountain of impossibility, the multiplayer was hella unbalanced, the grinding mechanic was not nearly as easy to use as it should’ve been, the camera can tend to fight you…the list goes on and on, lol.

Still top 3 Sonic games for me though, probably. Nostalgia’s a hell of a drug. :rofl:


I actually really like how grinding worked in SA2 and hate how they have phssifird ythe fuck out of it.


I’d probably hate how they phssifird ythe fuck out of it too if I knew what that was. =D


I dig the way Generations handles it more. I’m fine with the balancing act you had to go through once you landed a rail, but landing the rail in the first place is way more of a chore than it needed to be imo. The amount of precision required in a 3D space like that, combined with the speeds you were going sometimes just made things obnoxious. Getting Sonic’s bouncy ball upgrade definitely helps since you can dead drop with precision out of the air and straight down onto rails. But that’s a late game upgrade, and even once you get it it fails to make THAT much of a difference.


I hate typing on phones so fucking much…especially my phone.



SA2 fucked up the treasure hunt levels. I never liked them but the change to their detection in SA2 made it an absolute chore. It should have stayed the way it was in SA1 where it will detect the nearest shard instead of having to do it in a specific order.


The hint monitors made everything baby-shit easy too in those levels. Can’t remember if they were in the first game but I feel like they weren’t.


I cannot believe I JUST now realized that Tomoya Ohtani loves the piano as it is used a lot in the music he composes. Like Jun Senoue is guitar guy as it is primarily used in most of his tracks. Aquarium Park and Planet Wisp are some of my favorite Sonic songs and feature heavy use of the piano. Forces soundtrack has a lot of blaring synth (which I’m fine with) but the piano is still present in a lot of Ohtani’s tracks. And the vocal’s for the game’s end credits theme deserves a award.


You know it just hit me but one thing i will admit I hated about SA2 grinding was switching rails. It was a crap shoot at best.


SA2–yeah I hated the hell out of the treasure hunt bullshit. It just gave me the strong desire to punch the face of whoever designed that garbage…particularly Rouge’s stage where it starts with generous time but noooooo Rouge is all like “ha! I can do it in 3 minutes” or whatever the ridiculous time was.

Sonic Adventure 2 would go on to be one of the only games where I eventually broke the damn game itself into several pieces. The bullshit just kept piling up until I had enough with that horseshit game.


So I watched a playthrough of Sonic Forces…thoughts within


Actually liked the story. If I got my ass beat as bad as Infinite did when he first met Shadow I’d probably be edgy and hold a grudge too. Classic Sonic definitely felt phoned in the game…and again there’s absolutely no explanation for why Silver is just there. Shame that the gameplay for the game is really eh from what I watched.

Stages are definitely way more short and linear than pretty much any of the stages for Unleashed, Generations or Colors. There looked like there was some deviation but there wasn’t much. It’s kind of cool seeing them revisit prior stages and kind of redo them from as if it takes place in a different area but the fact that this is supposed to be a game that takes place on a global scale and you revisit some of the same locales over and over again didn’t help with what they were trying to go for. The Cinematic QTE’s that happen in some of these stages are kind of distracting and I felt could have been done far better…probably by not having them be as QTE heavy. Also what the hell happened to the Drift in this game? Apparently when the avatar puts the string out to turn the corners that something that’s done automatically it’s not a manual thing. Sigh…just…a lot of unfortunate step backs that I see in this game that makes me say…‘how many years was this game in the oven again?’ SMH

One nitpicky thing I also have with the game is that usually when Sonic is doing his Homing attack and he finishes attacking an enemy he usually does 1 out of a few poses/animations to show off afterwards. Helps with showing his personality in the game through gameplay…Sonic only has one animation after using a homing attack in this game. It’s a small thing that they’ve been doing since SA2 and only a few modern games haven’t done it (06, Boom(do we really count this?) and Lost World).

Music wise…Liked a good majority of Avatar (that cheese!) and Modern Sonic’s stages and didn’t know what what happened for Classic Sonic’s stage music. I kinda hope Crush 40 does their own version of Infinite’s theme to hear what that sounds like. Gonna have to look for somewhere to get the OST to put some of it in my playlist.

In other things that are kind of entertaining…Apparently Egoraptor played chicken with the Sonic Twitter this year and I missed out on that. This was the result

So the lesson to be learned here is uh…don’t assume the Sonic Twitter won’t call your bluff lol.

Before Sonic Forces came out the VA’s for Sonic, Eggman and Shadow took over twitter and answered questions from people, clearly the VA’s are enjoying themselves

Edit: also this showed up on my feed and thought it was pretty cool


Sonic 3D Director Cut, by one of the people who worked on the original, is now out.