The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


I just heard this Press Garden remix on KCRW on the way home from work the other day lol


Sonic Forces OST released a few weeks ago, here’s a link for those interested

Has thefull version of Infinite’s theme on it and of course the the other track that apparently most think is hot fire.. The album also has the themes that play for Shadow’s prequel stages.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is definitely the GOAT


Sonic Mania hype died down a little bit, now it’s time to get their ass in gear and make another one. I’ll take some sky high zone, gigapolis, and rusty ruins plz



Sonic Mania 2 should have remakes of 8-bit stages, some of them were fantastic concepts but just didnt have the processing power to match its older 16bit brother.

Would love the following:

Jungle Zone
Sky Base
Aqua Lake
Scrambled Egg
Also Botanic Base from Chaotix


Mania has proven itself so a second one should have all original stages. Sega has milked all nostalgia out of classic Sonic.


I agree. No more call backs please


New stages. No more throw backs.


Honestly, they did such a good job with the stages in Mania that I wouldn’t mind a few in a sequel. Maybe just a couple, the opposite of what happened in Mania.


The new stages in Mania prove Taxman and crew have the chops to make an entire games of new assets.

Studiopolis and Press Garden are fucking brilliant.


Sonic Mania’s official soundtrack is up and available for DL for those interested

I want to make sure that this is this actually has all the tracks legit (as in they have actual endings for all the tracks like the ones posted on the Sonic youtube page) so I’m waiting for someone to post the music on youtube so I can listen to it. I already have the rip so I want to hear it before I drop money on it.


I was just about to post this.
You’re too fast!


Speaking of Sonic OSTs. Finally got my SA1 and SA2 vinyl this week. Behold the Trinity!!


Original art huh?

Wonder if this means Sega does have the original Sonic 1 beta still after all.


Comics start back up in april. Will be one every week of april before going monthly

Tyson hesse, ian flynn and tracy yardly are confirmed working on it


Sonic Team is set to announce something at SxSW.

Mania people are involved in the panel, so Sonic Mania 2 perhaps?


Please be Mania 2 Please be Mania 2 Please be Mania 2


please be sonic allstar racing 3


please be Knuckles and Knuckles 2


Before I say it, I know I sound like a broken clock but since Sonic Forces didn’t work out:

Lost World was a flawed but a mechanically smarter step in the right direction. Control Sonic’s speed with the trigger like a racing game, have him auto react when running into objects so it doesn’t stop momentum, give him a wide open world to run around in instead of corridors and platforms. I can see Sonic working if it were crafted more like a Tony Hawk Game or Sunset Overdrive. They need to take their time and craft a good game. Mania 2 also needs to be a thing, that’s just a given.