The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


Lost World had some good ideas that could easily be fleshed out further. I enjoyed what I played of the game…and ti be clear I mean the Wii U version…not the 3DS.


Lost world is my favorite 3D sonic game. Would love to see an improved return to that style of play.


All these crappy Sonic games always seem to have the best soundtrack.


Sonic tabletop board game on Kickstarter.


Greetings. If there were to be a brand new Sonic Mania 2 game, what specific aspects would you guys want in it?
I recall a few others mentioning that Sega would be able to capitalize on Sonic Mania’s success but they should not over-rely on the nostalgia factor. That is to say, perhaps a new gaming experience from another old school perspective, while at the same time producing newer elements and/or mechanics.


Just all brand new levels. Thats all i fucking want. Stop with the throw backs.




I am happy with the 70% reworking of old stages with 30% new. Would LOVE some of the 8bit version of the games to be remade (Jungle Zone in particular)


Here’s to some decent Metal Sonic artwork.


Finally finished my Sonic Mania review. Give it a watch if you guys have five minutes. :tup:


If they ever remake Marble Garden or Carnival Night for gods sake make them smaller/shorter. I just hate those two stages.


Carnival Night is definitely longer than Marble Garden, that’s for sure.


If you dont know what you are doing in Carnival Night then you can easily time out on that stage, can’t say I’ve ever had that happen on Marble Garden.


Marble isnt too bad just the music bums me out lol. But Carnival is lile IT took a huge douche on a sonic game


Friendly reminder. Sonic panel at SXSW is this weekend

Also wanted an excuse to post this since this happened at Magfest this year

nobody seems to have posted up the concert in solid quality yet…still waiting on that.


Physical release for Sonic Mania and guess who is making a comeback, fools!


Mighty and Ray making a comeback is pretty awesome. Consider me sold. I’ll gladly replay the game with new characters


Not mania 2 bbbut Ill take it. Maybe theyll fix the stage transitions?


Wait thats not all that was announced. Looks lije sonic mabia is going to get some animatrd shorts on youtube

Aaand there is a sonic racing game coming


Just saw this for the first time:

Poor Tails. lol.