The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game



Damn Sonic that was cold.


…I mean, I guess

How I feel about it depends on how good it gets cause when I think of Sonic animation I think of that sweet ass Sonic CD intro. If I don’t see sweet animation like that I kind of don’t care.


Sooo!..Sega may have accidentally released a patch over in the UK for mania and it updates the game. In this update it has the one main thing I wanted…more stage transitions! So looks like they are going to fix that aaand they are also updating a boss. Not gonna say which one but if you wanna spoil yourself you can…its up on youtube.


Sweet. Glad to know those transitions weren’t final


my top Sonic games as in games I have personally played.

  1. Sonic 2

  2. Sonic Mania

3 : Sonic 3 & knuckles

4 Sonic 1

5 Sonic Adventure

6 Sonic Generations


Dont watch if you dont wanna know some of the changes

Doesnt show a ton but the game has sold 1 mil worldwide



Ray gonna be giving us our Super Mario World cape fix. Lol


Ray seems a little broken already, although I’m loving it. It might just work similar to Knuckles gliding though…
Cant wait to see Super Mighty and Super Ray.

Sonia Mania 2 with Amy, Vector, Charmy and Espio? What about Bark, Bean and Fang?


Ha ha. Tails got that “Who dis?” Look on his face when seeing Mighty and Ray.


Hyper Potions put up the new version of the track from the trailer feat Jun Senoue


Good to know I can get it as DLC for a reduced cost. I wasn’t quite finished with the original Mania (still have to do Knuckles stuff) and it’ll be nice to retain my saved stuff.


I’ll Buy it. $30 for a Physical copy is nothing for me.


Shiiiit. I’ll buy a physical copy for ps4. Then I’ll pay 5 bucks to upgrade my switch copy. Sounds dope as hell to me.



These have heart.

Keep supporting them Sega.


Interview with Iizuka

No plans for a sequel right now


Sonic Twitter teases the announcement of a new game


If it’s not a 2D sonic I don’t care.