The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


3D Sonic doesn’t exist anyway.


I’m hoping it’s the rumored racing game. I want a follow up to All Stars Racing Transformed.


Man the original Green Hills before conversion to Genesis was soooo on point.

I think Sonic remakes need not only Genesis music, but any beta, and OG compositions.


This showed up in my feed…found it to be interesting

Does go over ground we mostly already know but it’s still well done


Team Sonic Racing leaked by Wal-Mart.


Nice! It’s pretty much an All Star Racing game without the other Sega IPs. Is Digital Sumo back for this?


Wonder how the team mechanic in the game is going to work.

Also jesus walmart


I’ve seen it mentioned that is is Sumo Digital working on it once again.


Sumo confirmed


James Marsden cast in Sonic the Hedgehog movie

Movie is set to release Nov 2019.



Why the hell is this shit even being considered?
Were going to get another Sonic 06 but as a Cinematic film.

There only one good Sonic Movie, and its an Anime OAV.


Im not opposed to a Sonic movie…my only gripe is why are they adamant about doing live action/cgi movie. Movie can easily be better without being tied down by the live action. Quantifying better here is a bit hard tho since its still hollywood.

Also here


Ya got fooled again Knucklehead!


New info pertaining what to expect from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie

"During the discussion, Moritz shared with the audience how he sold Gianopulos on making an animated version of Sonic, a classic Sega video game character. The Paramount boss was well aware of the fact that video games don’t translate successfully to film, but there was a hook, and Moritz made a short clip to show exactly what the tone and theme would be for the furry blue character.

Gianopulos was sold on Sonic‘s story. “He’s a juvenile delinquent on the adventures in a pretty straight rural environment with a local policeman. It was instantly engaging and it was good enough where you could see where it’s going,” he said."



Sonic movie already sounds like a shit show. And they’re trying to rope poor Paul Rudd into it.



Damn Cream. You got put on the bench for some Chao.


Supposedly they are gonna play encore mode on stream today…dunno if true or not


Sonic 1 beta source code footage posted by yes the actual Yuji Naka!


So the stream did have encore and conpetitive mode gameplay. So looks like Encore mode takes place kind of after Forces? Not sure.

In any case apparently this is a rumor

Not seeing it…at all