The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


New bonus stage


Hell yeah! This is going to be doooooope!


Reminder. Mania Plus is out tomorrow. Dunno if it will release digitally tonight or not.

Also this


All eps


They put the bonus stages in some good ass hiding spots in Encore Mode. I’ve only found 2 so far and I’m on Press Garden. Gonna have to do a way more thorough search my next playthrough.




Im loving all the small little details they added in this update. Seeing the characters eyes shift to the direction they are going while they are frozen is funny.


The new references added in the update is awesome. Bring back the air gliders from the Game Gear games for the stage transition to Press Garden and the return of Metal Sonic Kai from Knuckles Chaotix are sweet.


Mighty is godlike. I don’t care if he is considered the easy mode, he is SO much fun to play as!

Those special stages in Encore mode are brutal. That @#$% fourth Chaos Emerald? You gonna have to work to get all of those suckers.


Mighty is pretty OP in this game.

Some cheat codes got found out for this game

Most interesting personally is a code that unlocks all of Sonic’s abilities to be used at once and the ability for Super Sonic to fly in normal stages. You wanna talk about completely broken?


Mighty is Sonic with permanent bubble shield. It might be OP but it’s insanely fun.


Pretty sweet Toxic Caves remixed using the CPSII sound font.


There really isn’t a “CPS2” soundfont.

The only CPS2 games that even have similar instumentation to each other are A2 and XSF.

And IMO this arrangement sounds like Genesis, but if you used more memory on sound and higher sample rate.


What most of these people usually mean by “CPS2 sound font” is basically just samples from CPS2 games made so that they could be played on a midi sequencer.


Small updates news wise:

Team Sonic Racing will be at Gamescom. Sega put the games they were bringing and it was on the list.

2nd thing is comic related…Eggman losing his memory and being kind of docile after the events of Forces is interesting. Even more so that Neo Metal Sonic is taking over the fleet until he can find Eggman and bring him back. Kinda feels like they are trying fill in gaps in the games since they kind tried to explain why the real one was never involved. Will be nice if they keep this up.


Posted this in the VGM thread and wanted to post this here as well for those who don’t visit that thread often

‘Ruby Distortions’ by Pirate Crab

Original track is ‘Ruby Illusions’. This remix is pretty straight forward with very little differences in the original. The source is immediately recognizable and is constantly played throughout this. Probably the most experimentation that this has is during the second pass where there’s some extra guitar flair in the background. If you already dig the original and wouldn’t mind it with a bit harder metal sound then you’ll like this.


Finally got around to playing plus this past week. Mighty and Ray are insane broken but fun. It’s hilarious just how many obstacles they can just ignore. Lol


This list of games from this year’s SAGE is pretty awesome

Sonic Z-Treme and the Sonic Chaos remake impressed me the most. It’s remarkable how the programmers got Z-treme to that level using an actual Saturn. The Chaos remake looks like Sonic Mania levels of quality. I definitely want to grab the demos for these games.

Sidenote, Mario Flashback looks amazing. It’s gonna suck when Nintendo kills it.


Looks like Gamechops is doing Spindash 3…hopefully its better than 2 and at least on par with 1 or better