The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


I reccommend giving Spindash 3 a listen. This is probably my 4th listen through on it. I want to post a top 3 but gonna have to wait on it. Will say that I think it’s def better than Spindash 2.

Edit: There is a lot to like in this album imo ( unless you don’t like a bit of wubbage) Can’t think of a track on this album that makes me want to hit move to a dif track. The mania mixes on here are solid as hell and there’s even a Forces mix of a classic sonic stage in Ghost Town that I think does that track wonders since I generally don’t like classic sonic’s music in that game.

First off gonna say that I’m in love with the Studiopolis act 1 and 2 mix starts at about 17:00

Second one will be Space Port at about 23:50. This does have lyrics just like the original track and the guy doing the lyrics does a really good job.

3rd track I’m gonna point out is Evening Star at about 53:05. Probably gonna buy the album when I get a chance.




Oh god…I’m not liking what I’m seeing behind that sillouette.


Wow that looks really bad. Is it real or a mock-up?


@sonichuman yeah. All of his body parts look disturbingly human. It’s awkward and creepy

@Gasaraki it’s legit, unfortunately.


They made Sonic into an abomination.


His look finally matches the quality of his games


Yea gonna looks weird as fuck like all those Pokemon in the new movie.



So do you guys want a pinned topic for the Sonic The Movie thread or not?

Trying to gauge how easily available you guys want all the terrible furry artwork this will produce to be to fellow SRK members.


I feel like barfing, eating that barf and then barfing again


I wanna say we won’t have to worry about it here…but let’s see what happens after the first real trailer.


The best thing about this is the IGN interview mentions Sega not being happy with the look of Sonic and the director saying ‘it makes sense in our world’ or something very close to that extent.

Watching the SAGE video was awesome. The Sonic Adventure footage hit like a nostalgia bomb, I wasn’t expecting. I should track down the DC version.


Im reading the interview now and the more I’m reading it the more annoyed I’m getting…and I’m really trying not to be


What was the one interview a while back where one of the writers or producers or who ever it was told the story of how he pitched the movie to executives and got it green lit? I remember that was cringe inducing enough. I remember it talking about Sonic growing up on a rural American farm or some shit.


In other words the successor to M. Night Shymalan is doing this, got it.


This right here pissed me off. Hedgehogs have quills not fur. This guy is a fucking idiot.


I genuinely enjoying how much of a dumpster fire this film is turning into.


“and then ol’ papi hedgehog said to his grandson whom he knew to have great potential… “youz go own now Saanek, git! ah needs me some of that ol tabasski sawce. this gator meat aint gonna cook itself yeehaw!””


Leaked movie poster.



must be from another Earth in the DC multiverse where Barry Allen is a furry