The Sonic the hedgehog thread V.7 2017 its been generations since the last good sonic game


I really don’t want to see the body to those legs…Can we cancel this movie before we see something that won’t be able to be erased?


We lived through sonic 06, the story book series and Sonic Boom. We can make it through this.

Maybe. Probably. I hope.


You know, I should probably be searching net for some kind of meme or gif to express my boundless disappointment with that leaked Sonic movie poster but all I can do is stare at my monitor and ponder why the fools that thought this up have functioning brain cells.


Writer of the movie has taken to Twitter telling everybody (including SEGA) to “calm down”. Oh man. Movie still has 11 months before it’s out. I’m expecting comedy gold leading up to the release.


If Sega isn’t happy then this guy needs to change course. It will do the movie no good if they piss off the IP owners.


Not for real, but I think I will post this here for kicks . Do you know the wey?


Sincerely hope this shit gets canned.


I see it as the final nail in Sonic’s coffin.



Just like the doom movie was the final nail in that franchises coffin, and the super mario brothers movie was the final nail in that franchises coffin, and oh man I remember the time that people used to play Resident Evil games before the movies came out…was a real shame when that died.


The difference was There was good Mario, Doom and Resident evil games out at the same time
Sonic been rather shit for a while


Sega: “Oh shit, you mean people like Sonic now thanks to Mania? We need to ruin this shit again.”


This is not necessarily the case.

During the Doom movie’s release, the Doom out at the time was Doom 3, a game noted to be relatively okay at best and not really faithful to what Doom was. Wasn’t terrible mind you but it was a Doom game trying to be a horror game. It was like the creators completely missed the point. Of course it took forever for Doom to find its footing again until the reboot dropped and reminded everyone what Doom was, and is, really about.

Mario, they didn’t have much of anything THAT relevant out at the time. That year alone (1993) only really had All-Stars (and thus only the real SMB2 for America). Mario didn’t really gain any ground for a while (YMMV on how much you liked Yoshi’s Island) until 96 when the N64 dropped and with it SM64 and MK64 (oh and the SNES dropped SMRPG…absurd Mario year).

RE is the only one of the three that had legitimately good and relevant games out at the time of the movie’s release, with REmake and RE0…but at the same time both those games represented the start of the franchise fatigue of RE and its economical downturn (REmake, despite being considered arguably the pinnacle of classic RE design in today’s world, was considered far too samey back then and RE0 has its own issues). The next few years had RE release crap game after crap game unless you really like the Outbreak series. Until of course, RE4 changed the damn landscape of gaming itself.

The movie isn’t going to change anything for Sonic that isn’t already a problem or already improved. A bad movie/TV adaptation rarely, if EVER, completely hoses a VG franchise even if the VG franchise isn’t that great.


Yoshi’s Island is easily in the Top Three SNES games of all time.


Aesthetically I agree with this. The game is gorgeous and has an arguably unrivaled soundtrack, I don’t really like the gameplay though.



The baby crying is a solid point against it, but otherwise it’s a really fun game to play, I like it a lot more then I thought I would back in the day.


Hence the YMMV. I noticed it’s a really divisive game. I generally stay out of Mario debates so I don’t have a stake in that one.



The Sonic movie got a Twitter account and posted this

Looks like these guys are self aware like the official Sonic Twitter. Design is still shit.


Aaron (Rubyeclipse) is pretty good at being self aware…if it’s not him behind the twitter then they may end up making things worse in the long run.