The Soon-To-Be Official "Wire up my PSX Controller" Thread

K so I’ve been searching through all the loose shit that the Tech Talk is, andI’m having a big problem with finding a nice, easy tutorial for how to wire up my PSX controller to my custom stick. I’ve never done it before and there’s almost nothin that I’ve been findin (I suck at searches) that really helps. So I’m gonna make this thread and ya’ll can post links to good stuff…the need to know, easy stuff…so that no one has to sift through stuff again.


I think you’re confused as to what console you’re talking about.

LoL, what the hell is that^^

I was thinking somebody should make Youtube video tutorials about soldering and pad hacking

That’d be awesome. But only if it was for the PSOne (I guess PSX isn’t how I should say it lol) controller. That way I could put it up and it would be /endthread

Can anyone name me a controller that isn’t covered in the padhacking thread, or can’t be easily figured out in Chipper’s thread:

You know, two threads linked in the Essential’s Sticky?

OH! The PSOne pad. Something like:
or this:

Those are both from the very first post in the padhacking thread.

Mmm but is there really an explanation for that shit in the padhacking thread? Like, I’m talking about compiling all the best, and easiest, info for wiring a PSOne pad to a stick. The diagrams, yeah, that helps. I’ll probably edit the first post and quote some of the soldering thread. It’d just be nice to have a center for info on the PSOne pad.

Edit: Uh oh. Ijust took another look at my PSOne pad…and it looks nothin like the one in those diagrams. Ah, shit.

There are many different revisions of pad. Either dig through the padhacking thread to see if someone posted up one matching yours, or read through chipper’s guide so you can figure it out yourself. It aint hard.

Ah well, i guess.