The sound doesn't work: now what? [advice thread]

OK, so we all know the sound doesn’t work online, or it’s downright horrible. This is a given and there’s been enough complaints about it.
I find I’m having trouble reacting without the sound. In several topics there have been people claiming they don’t miss the sound. Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to react in time to some of the Tekken chars’ strings, or last minute cross-up tatsu’s.

The thing is, I normally react to the sounds, Lili wil make that high-pitched squel before she starts her overhead string, Ryu and Ken will pronounce the tatsu-whatsamadjiggie when they do it and I react to the sound and block it that way (not all of the time, let’s be honest here…). Without the sound, I have to react to what happens on-screen and that means I’m usually too late and get hit, juggled, the whole she-bang.

If people manage to play succesfully without sound, please share what you’re doing or how you’re watching opposite characters for those moves and setups. Any clues what to look for or how to read an opponent AND reacting in time are helpful!

Let’s make this a topic without too many complaints! :smiley:

Play on mute- inconsistent audio cues are far worse for your ability to react than zero audio cues.

Well, on mute might be a good idea, but not really pleasing. The problem is that mute won’t solve my issue: I can’t read on-screen fast/good enough to react. Cutting out the sound completely would be the next step…

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Learning matchups gets rid of most of this problem. For instance if I see Kazuya throw light slaughter hook I know to block high for the second attack even if I don’t hear it. Basically just learn that if character 1 does movement A , and you block it, you should prepare for movement B while being aware that movement C is another option. And if it should so happen that movement C is what comes you should know how you can punish it or how to block or avoid it. Basically learn the match ups and visual queues and react according to your current character. I’ve pretty much forgotten that the sound doesn’t work right now because I’ve had to adjust to not being able to rely on it.

Nod, very annoying. With Mass Effect 3 out, I’m busying myself with that till that fix some of this crap.

Unfortunately sometimes you have to learn to get around these things. I’ve been to tournaments where the game audio could hardly be heard but I had to adapt. Obviously practice is the way to go, but specifically, try to learn the timings without sound. It sounds (lulz) stupid but try it. Learn to do links or combos without the sound cues. Or hell try doing a combo without look at the screen and with the game on mute and see if your combo fully connects. It sounds stupid but tournaments don’t always have favorable atmospheres with people cheering and loud noises coming from everywhere.

It’s not suppose to work and if it did the game would lag over and freeze.

you could just turn it up. that’s what I do >_>

this is the first time we’ve had to deal with something like this, sadly all we can do is “deal with it”, when playing online. it won’t ever be patched.

Actually Capcom claims to be working on it right now. But they also claim that fixing the sound bug will reduce the smoothness of online gameplay. Sound vs. Lag?

that was probably an excuse just to get people off their case about it, they better be working on the horrid matchmaking as well


You need to train your eyes to be fast enough. There are a number of us who learned to play fighting games in arcades where you could barely hear the cab in front of you, so we mostly got sued to reacting to visual cues.