The Soundtrack Mix Thread

Hi, i’m starting a thread to invite everyone that built a mixed soundtrack for marvel on dc or cvs2 for dc or ps2 and thought that your soundtracked rocks. Im interested in making new soundtracks but my knowledge of cool song for the game just expired so im searching for your soundtracks. Post like the songs for stages and other screens you’ve changed. And let’s see some real cool soundtracks for those games >D

Ps: this thread was inspired after seeing evo east videos and the soundtrack they’ve used for marvel was insane, does anyone know the songs included in that soundtrack?

yup got it right here. This was fugee’s mix btw that was used in the final 8 for this years Evo East.

Opening Introduction - The Eyes of Truth (The Matrix)
Character Selection - Get Yourself Up (KRS One)
Pirate Ship Stage - Sneak Chamber (Samurai Champloo)
Desert Stage - The Chase (hotwheels)
Factory Stage - Born to roll (Masta Ace)
Carnival Stage - PARANOIA Survivor Mix (Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix -Extreme-)
Bridge Stage - Sidecar - Escape From The Fortress (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)
Blue Underground Caves Stage -You Gotta Case (Barry White)
Clocktower Stage - Burly Brawl (Matrix Reloaded)
Ice River Stage- Shipyard (Star Control II)

i know several people have been wanting to know what the tracks were used so heres the list and i hope it helps.

Edit: I think this was also used in the final 8 for Evo Worlds as well but i could be wrong since Preppy said fugee had several mixes at Evo.